Demo, Thursday 01 February 2007, 02:51:09 GMT-0000
YaP, Saturday 13 January 2007, 13:38:31 GMT-0000
????? :-)
demian, Wednesday 10 January 2007, 07:41:04 GMT-0000
?????????!! ????? ??? ???????? ???????????
ricks99, Friday 05 January 2007, 20:05:20 GMT-0000
@apapadop: recommended php.ini settings are in the docs: http://doc.tikiwiki.org/ Requirements+and +Setup&bl#PHP
sabrinakh, Friday 05 January 2007, 16:03:25 GMT-0000
ahh you need to edit tikilib.php line 532 as in forum post "stat link" in Features/Usability so sorry to take up shot box space!!
sabrinakh, Friday 05 January 2007, 15:19:14 GMT-0000
Users cant take quiz unless i assign both take quiz and view quiz stats??? My students cant see each others stats, how can I fix this?
apapadop, Friday 05 January 2007, 14:13:41 GMT-0000
Hrmf, already a FAQ under "uploading BIG files" :-]
apapadop, Friday 05 January 2007, 14:11:41 GMT-0000
Found it - php.ini has by default upload_max_filesize = 2M Where should one note such tips so that others don't waste their time searching?
apapadop, Friday 05 January 2007, 12:53:22 GMT-0000
No user (not even admin) can attach a file to a wiki page. No error message whatsoever. PHP allows uploads, I can upload stuff to the image gallery. Where should I look for info? /var/log/apache* has nothing...
KaiiaK, Thursday 04 January 2007, 17:52:00 GMT-0000
is it possible to combine 2 or more existing forums into one forum?
deji, Tuesday 02 January 2007, 11:44:17 GMT-0000
where is Damian?? he has completely grounded my business :-(
chibaguy, Tuesday 02 January 2007, 10:13:47 GMT-0000
DGCrum, best way would be to give gifs a long loop time when the images are made to begin with. I don't know any way to reload them other than with a page refresh.
DGCrum, Friday 29 December 2006, 14:43:55 GMT-0000
Looking for a way to refresh animated gifs in articles. Other than refresh page - any ideas?
chibaguy, Wednesday 27 December 2006, 02:22:45 GMT-0000
mlpvolt, in my experience the update is immediate, as soon as a new page displays or is refreshed.
mlpvolt, Friday 22 December 2006, 19:10:22 GMT-0000
chiba: how long does it take shoutbox messages to update for all users? If you have time to edit a page, I'm trying to document shoutbox at doc.two ((Shoutbox)), thanks.
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:29:54 GMT-0000
Odd. I turned off the Custom code and then then turned off the SITE LOGO and turned the Custom Code back on and it works fine. Can I get an avatar of me doing the Curly Shuffle?
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:23:42 GMT-0000
Uh, after I logged off the modified header in the Custom Code disappeared.
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:22:26 GMT-0000
Because I checked the box on SITE LOGO and while I got two logos, under admin, the header stayed visible after I logged off.
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:20:26 GMT-0000
Chibaguy, I found the problem but I do not know the solution. When we entered text in the box in Site Identity we must have deleted something that keeps the header visible
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:16:59 GMT-0000
Hi Chibaguy, no it isn't checked.
chibaguy, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:08:06 GMT-0000
DGCrum, is " Layout per section" activated? Maybe top bar is turned off in a particular section. Check on Admin > Features.
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 05:02:54 GMT-0000
Ugh! When I log out from Admin, the whold header still disappears. Cannot seem to find what is causing this.
chibaguy, Friday 22 December 2006, 04:50:13 GMT-0000
evans-pj: [Link]
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 04:37:28 GMT-0000
Never mind - panic period is over. I found Tiki-login.php
DGCrum, Friday 22 December 2006, 04:32:22 GMT-0000
Help chibaguy! I logged out as admin to log back in as a user and suddenly the entire header with login box is missing. Any ideas? I tried to enter tiki-login_scr.php but got nothing.