chibaguy, Tuesday 12 December 2006, 06:53:04 GMT-0000
evans-pj, tiki_p_view_templates perm is probably missing from your db. That's the error msg I get.
evans-pj, Sunday 10 December 2006, 09:37:00 GMT-0000
Does anyone know why the admin can't access EDIT TEMPLATES (1.9.6) I have tiki_p_edit_templates
jamesoftopiya, Thursday 07 December 2006, 06:27:49 GMT-0000
nice work, chibaguy!
chibaguy, Saturday 02 December 2006, 10:08:27 GMT-0000
Zuka theme is available at themes.tikiwiki.org. No log-in needed to download.
chibaguy, Tuesday 21 November 2006, 10:54:13 GMT-0000
Maybe we could say the permissions model is fine-grained and flexible, but the membership model is quite basic.
apapadop, Monday 20 November 2006, 07:19:13 GMT-0000
So the permissions model is quite basic... alright, thank you chibaguy!
chibaguy, Friday 17 November 2006, 16:46:19 GMT-0000
apapadop, no, you can include groups w/i groups for permission purposes, but I don't think actual memberships can be included.
apapadop, Friday 17 November 2006, 15:02:59 GMT-0000
Do nested groups work? I'm trying to create a group that has member groups. I add a group, but then do "list all members" it's blank...
chibaguy, Monday 13 November 2006, 07:13:34 GMT-0000
To list it specifically, edit the current menu or make a custom menu (tiki-admin_menus.php).
willdela, Monday 13 November 2006, 00:58:40 GMT-0000
Another thing--do I have to change the code to get my blog to show up in the left nav bar or is that a setting? Thx again.
willdela, Monday 13 November 2006, 00:49:09 GMT-0000
thanks, chibaguy.
chibaguy, Monday 13 November 2006, 00:46:27 GMT-0000
willdela, no, I don't think so.
willdela, Saturday 11 November 2006, 16:43:03 GMT-0000
Does the blog function allow for posting to prior and later dates? Thx.
chibaguy, Friday 10 November 2006, 07:05:38 GMT-0000
Nice to see 'oldtimers' checking in. ;-)
jamesoftopiya, Friday 10 November 2006, 02:02:12 GMT-0000
@Damian Hoo Hi everyone! good winter harvest
Neil_A, Thursday 09 November 2006, 09:27:02 GMT-0000
... Requirements+and+Setup
Neil_A, Thursday 09 November 2006, 09:25:43 GMT-0000
Can anyone get at the following page at the moment? I can't... [Link]
martrn, Thursday 09 November 2006, 06:50:12 GMT-0000
sheesh - docs are exellent exept for docs about wysiwyg. So much stuff saying alot about nothing apart from everything not relevernt.
rbryn, Wednesday 08 November 2006, 23:30:44 GMT-0000
While editing the login window / update produced a smarty fatal error. Site shut down. Any ideas to get this up and working?
Damian, Tuesday 07 November 2006, 10:12:22 GMT-0000
whikloj, Friday 03 November 2006, 20:16:11 GMT-0000
anyone else having a problem with tiki-assignpermission.php in TikiWiki 1.9.5?
genotype, Friday 03 November 2006, 00:18:41 GMT-0000
ugh, there's hardly anything on here about the trackerfilter plugin. anyone get this to work?
emmy, Thursday 02 November 2006, 14:39:00 GMT-0000
hi to u all anyone here with a log in meet me saintemmy2000@yahoo.com
Agrophobic, Wednesday 01 November 2006, 01:52:51 GMT-0000
Nevermind, I fixed it. was a database issue as I have more than one installation of TW in diff directories
Agrophobic, Tuesday 31 October 2006, 03:51:16 GMT-0000
anyone know why icons would have disappeared from my TW site? Reverted to text links...