skv, Monday 09 October 2006, 10:07:31 GMT-0000
doc.tikiwiki.org is down. Please help!!!
PKHG, Monday 09 October 2006, 08:56:23 GMT-0000
Sry, my shout was for moretoastplease
PKHG, Monday 09 October 2006, 08:55:17 GMT-0000
Yes, I wrote just an answer at Documentation thread
ElViejito, Saturday 07 October 2006, 18:06:17 GMT-0000
I have activated categories in Admin: Features but I don't know how to actually set up a category. Any ideas?
ricks99, Friday 06 October 2006, 19:42:37 GMT-0000
doc.tw.o is up. b sure to fresh ur dns cache
moretoastplease, Friday 06 October 2006, 18:15:46 GMT-0000
Yes, it's been down for two days for me (10/6)
Eidolon77, Friday 06 October 2006, 11:20:43 GMT-0000
Is doc.tikiwiki.org down for anyone else than me as well?
ClearXS, Thursday 05 October 2006, 07:32:30 GMT-0000
No response yet: 1)webmail sending error. 2)change to PHP5 server? (features page 2!) Want continue final version with members -Thanks
chibaguy, Thursday 05 October 2006, 00:49:30 GMT-0000
Thanks, tiky4, and good job. (Just not enough room in shoutbox for support discussions, no search, etc.)
tiky4, Wednesday 04 October 2006, 07:43:45 GMT-0000
next time i will use the forums :-)
tiky4, Wednesday 04 October 2006, 07:42:32 GMT-0000
tiky4, Wednesday 04 October 2006, 07:42:19 GMT-0000
never mind, i figured ou'
chibaguy, Wednesday 04 October 2006, 05:48:39 GMT-0000
Please use the forums to ask support questions. :-)
tiky4, Wednesday 04 October 2006, 03:40:06 GMT-0000
Hi, I am new to TikiWiki and so far very good. I want to have a blog instead of the Tiki in the front page but when I go to general preferences and enter my changes, they don't register. Any help will be great:-)
stella12, Tuesday 03 October 2006, 14:23:25 GMT-0000
Anyone know what template to edit for rss modules?
ClearXS, Tuesday 03 October 2006, 04:54:49 GMT-0000
ohertel: found,renamed &login again! plse report bug +other emailfield bug; see forumthread, Thanks
ohertel, Monday 02 October 2006, 13:39:44 GMT-0000
ClearXS: Use another style, not geo.css or remove templates/styles/ geo/modules/ mod-login_box.tpl
ohertel, Monday 02 October 2006, 13:34:40 GMT-0000
Barkov: admin meta-tags on page tiki-admin.php ?page=metatags
Barkov, Monday 02 October 2006, 12:18:02 GMT-0000
Does some one know how to put metatags in tikiwiki
PKHG, Saturday 30 September 2006, 10:02:56 GMT-0000
Thanks Louisa!
ClearXS, Friday 29 September 2006, 20:45:20 GMT-0000
Having all kind of basic problems with TikiWiki for one year. Now I even can't login anymore! Can someone help me out a bit? This is the most urgent (& links to the others): http://tikiwiki.org/ tiki-view_forum_thread.php ?comments_parentId=21998 &forumI
Louisa, Friday 29 September 2006, 09:26:26 GMT-0000
I am wondering if the range of articles can be changed?because in our site,articles may be edited from time to time,and we want the latest changed article to be top of "list article",can be do this?thanks
Louisa, Friday 29 September 2006, 09:23:33 GMT-0000
PKHG,I guess not.
PKHG, Friday 29 September 2006, 07:00:34 GMT-0000
May I create a private Blog here?
chibaguy, Friday 29 September 2006, 01:25:00 GMT-0000
Louisa, it's hard to say about the scroll bar without knowing more details. Please post in the forums.