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Architecture / Installation

tikiwiki on PDA

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Is it possible to run linux + apache + mysql + php + tikiwiki on a PDA?
And how about on a CE?

I ask because if it is possible to run tikiwiki on such hardware, it is technically also possible to design something else I have in mind, to run on a small device.

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I have a Compaq iPaq 3870 running GPE from http://handhelds.org, this is a debian style distribution. My iPaq is now successfully running Apache 2, PHP 4.3.7 and MySQL 4.0

Ive got CVS compiled on it as well and can cvs co any tiki branch onto a mounted memory card. I told apache to look at the memory card location for its document root and can bingo. It works.

For the size of TikiWiki the speed is impressive, i thought it would be slower. I'll do a proper installation guide as soon as time allows for the InstallTiki page.

In the meantime if anyway wants help setting up a similar environment, shout for me.


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Woohoo!!! Running on an iPaq is just great! That is exactly what I hoped for.

If an app the size of TikiWiki can run on such a device, what do you think about this business solution running on a handheld or other small device:

  • access control
  • time keeping
  • job registration
  • fuel distribution
  • up to 5000 employees
  • up to 100 registration devices (smart card or contactless card readers like the Mifare technology)
  • up to 100 doors, gates, barriers,...
  • this all connected over IP to a small device on which the access control software runs

The only problem I see is the huge size of the database for historical data and reporting purposes, that would have to be transferred to off-line storage, like a database server running on a real pc. But all the real-time stuff should be able to run on something very small... woohoo! I think I'll make our R&D department very happy! biggrin