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Architecture / Installation

rc2 to rc3, database changes?

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just upgraded from 1.9rc2 to 1.9rc3, overided all the files and run tiki-install.php but choose "leave the db as it is" because I not found a script which upgrades DB changes from rc2 to rc3.

Everything works fine and all the existing data is there. mrgreen

But I am interesting if there are any DB changes from rc2 to rc3??? question

Hopefully somebody knows this...

bis thanks from Hamburg/Germany.


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There are (at least fixes), you need to run 1.8to1.9 script. It doesn't hurt to run it multiple times. If you would use a development version (CVS), you would follow the progressive evolution simply by running that script regularly.
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So there are changes in the DB from 1.9rc2 to 1.9rc3 which are stored in the 1.8 to 1.9 script???? question

When I run the script my stored data won't get lost?


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usually no, but its a risk you take when running 1.9 development code. After rc4/rc5 1.9 will be released as final product, which means some stability and better upgrades



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Hi Damian,

I know, but also the rc2 of 1.9 is running smooth for my needs.


Tikiwiki is sooooo cool! mrgreenwinkcool

Before I use it for production it will be testet on a test server for several weeks and in rc3 I can see as Admin the tracker values.

Thanks, now I know that there aren't any DB changes from 1.9rc2 to rc3... I can now go on testing.

cu, Pete

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If you really want to know, do a file compare of the 1.8to1.9 script in rc2 and rc3.
I use Total Commander's built-in file compare for that.

And indeed, I only see a few bug fixes and some extra permissions for features that you perhaps don't use.