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Features / Usability

Maps: Longitude and latitude

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It seems the map module has confused latitude with longitude.
Open layer management and ckeck on grid, and use the query fuction. (between zoom out and pan). Then you'll see that tiki Maps thinks latitude is longitude.

Second question: How long does it take from changing your position in user prefs until you show up on the map?

The bathemetry map and the landsat layer (show when you zoom in closer) is really cool cool It would be even better if the user positions worked. Well, unless somebody takes those coordinates and re-programs a death-ray sattellite to fry me twisted

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There are still some errors in the code. I'm trying to debug with a real user database so I know it is robust.

The user map is generated manually by an admin for the moment. It is only one click process, but it has to be done... I will see if I can do it automatically when I know the code is robust.