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Distinct groups for managin projects

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I am ovherhelmed about the features of tw. Great stuff!!!

I want to use TW to manage several (5 to 20) projects. The projects are totally distinct. Members of the team of project A should see not more than the headline link to the other existing projects. Inside a single project there will be there will be some modules for the communication on exact that project.
Users are in most cases only associated to one project (except myself and some other exceptions).

I would prefer to manage only one TW instance because there seem to be an overhead (in time and resources).

SO my question is:
Is it possible and would you recommend to manage this separation through user and group management.
Or would you prefer to set up seperate tikis (I have seen that one can setup more than one TW from the same folder in the browser (not clear if seperate databases would be needed)).

Thanks for hints!

Cheers Thomas

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Thanks for the ultra fast replies!!!

I understood that there will be some new features in 1.9. Great stuff again!!!
As far as I saw it seems that a "project" is mainly a view in a bigger TW instance defined by rights management with groups (and users).

Since 1.9 ist not out yet (?) I have to ask: can I create these project areas today manually in 1.8.5? Or do you have to change the core system to enable "projects"?
Or: what would you recommend to me when I want to use TW TODAY for the communication (it´s more communication than management) in a couple (3-5) projects?
Or should I use an early 1.9?


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In my case (educational use, different subjects, differents groups of students for differents tasks/assignments), I use multiki (which need one db for each single tiki) to separate subjects in the carreer. And within one single subject of the career (one single tiki, obne db), the students that work together for some kind-of-project have their own group, permissions, forums, file and image gals, etc. I most cases, teacher wanted that their students to be able to edit (or even see the content) of just their own group within their class (subject).
So that I had to set permissions by hand to each group in each class-subject.

You can see everything at: http://uniwiki.ourproject.org (general info), and tikis for single subjects:



Hope it helps....
You have to decide if your preffer the multitiki way, or one tiki with many groups with different permissions, or a mixed solution (as I had to do in the diverse UniWiki case)

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Btw, If you can code (or can get somebody to do it for you smile), I guess that you may be interested in the work that Jreyes is doing for 1.8.x branch (I think), for educational use, but it may be useful for your needs, in case there is going to be any official release of his work soon (I didn't ask him myself yet):
Check http://www.escire.com/escire2/tiki-edu_homeasg.php?idAsignatura=WDAVE1, and/or ask him: