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User Data Collection and Guest Book with Tiki?

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I'm new to Tiki and so far managed to install and setup a simple site.
I've got two issues that I cannot seem to find on Tiki and was hoping for some help.

First, I would like any annonymous user to be able to enter his/her info to be added to a list from the main page (name, email, phone etc). I tried to use the "Survey" feature which works fine on the user side, but when I look at the collected data I get the data grouped according to its type, i.e. all the names listed together, then all the phones listed together etc.
Any ideas how to get a simple one user per line data with Tiki?

Second, I would like to set up a simple guest book so that any anonymous user can enter a comment which will be listed as the next entry in the guest book for anyone to see.

Any ideas how to achieve these tasks?
Thanks in advance and sorry if these seem simple,

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Hi Noam:

For (1), search for Trackers.

For (2), you can just use a wiki page called GuestBook, and allow everybody to add their text through the comments feature.
Cheers, (and Welcome :-)

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thanks xavidp!

I did use trackers for my #1 issue and it works but there's a problem.
With Trackers a person who enters his/her contacs actually has permissions to view all other user entries.
I wish only administrators or certain users would be able view all listed users.

I tried to change the permissions of the tracker, but it seems that the permission " tiki_p_view_trackers" is compulsary when adding users, otherwise you get rejected and cannot add an entry.

Any way around this?

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Just to update, I actually went into the code and made a change. Now I don't really know PHP but from making a simple change to tiki-view_tracker.php I managed to allow a user to add an entry but not to view the other entries of the Tracker.
Its not perfect though, the Tracker Items filter is still visible (but not effective)

If anyone's got a better idea how to do this I'd be very happy to hear
and maybe

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Noam, with trackers (unmodified version, at least :-) you can define if the data is later on viewable by users or not (at least, which fields from the tracker). Just allow to see the non-sensible data.
Whenever you want to get all the data (just change perms to view trackers to only admin - or whatever - and chage settings for the sensible fields to be viewable and cypy&paste-able by you)

Cheers, Xavier
(xavidp = Xavier de Pedro wink)

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So far I know, the notion of tracker field visibility is missing in tiki . It is only everybody or the admin.
Something to do

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Thanks Xavier de Pedro :-)

I am able to hide the visibility of each field of the tracker and now made all of the fields invisible. Now things look like much the code change I've made - you can enter fields and not view the other entries. Still the Tracker Items Filter which is empty of fields is visible, which is a bit unclean.

Now is there any way I can make the fields visible to some user or to the admin? and also is there a way to eliminate the Tracker Iterms Filter part when someone enters info?


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No idea myself, Noam.
And since sylvie says so, it's still missing in tiki 1.9.cvs

You can use, if needed, a program called Dadabik (http://www.dadabik.org/), which makes what you wanted (and I also wanted a year ago), even if it's not integrated within tiki, really.

See what I mean at: http://moviments.net
and press "Demana un correu-e" (ask for an e-mail), and so on. We have denied access to all contents of the records, but it is configurable in many ways. (see at the dadabik homepage: http://www.dadabik.org/index.php?function=show_demo)

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Thanks for your reply,
In case someone wishes to add this feature Tiki,
take a look at the simple code change I made (a few messages back)
where the file tiki-view_tracker.php is attached.
The only thing that's not perfect is that the filter items is still visible.