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Features / Usability

Re:Flaky and Unreliable

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The minimum search length is 4 characters because that's the limitation MySQL is imposing on Tiki by using the standard built-in database search. I think there are plans to build a real 'Tiki' search engine - not depending on MySQL - for the 1.8 release.

I never had any problems with file and/or image uploads but I would agree that overall TWiki feels a bit more 'solid' than Tiwiki despite the somewhat clunky look. But it's a look you can get very quickly used to.



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I don't know why, but on one my Tiki ( installs, I can do a search using even zero characters, which returns all pages (684 results). Also, 1,2, or 3 characters can be used. On another server, Tiki searches are normal, with a four-character minimum. I'll have a look at the MySQL versions. Funny, huh?

-- Gary