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Features / Usability

Re: Can't Get TikiDav to Work with OpenOffice

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I would suggest you to report to the Tiki Dav tracker at the author's homepage:

I can only tell you that I just requested my admin to check that sablotron was properly installed, and so, and he installed a missing package, and now TikiDav 0.2 works fine for us

We are using free hosting for copylefted content at http://ourproject.org. Fast servers, good service, ssh & sftp access, very easy for multitikis, TikiDav fully working there, etc.

In case you are interested, read InstallTikiGForge .

Btw, stay tuned since the author will explore the possibility to start enabling OpenOffice.org Calc spreadsheet use to work with TikiSheets through TikiDav also...