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> How about a quick fix so that the spellchecker doesn't see capitalization as a difference. Currently on my 1.9 TIKI, although the word foo may be in the database, if a user types Foo, the spell checker flags it as a mispelling.
> Short of duplicating the entire spelling DB table, is there a quick fix for this?

While I don't know the specifics of the Tiki spellchecker, I am familiar with the technology. What you are describing is a feature not a bug. I can't imagine why anyone would want a case-insensitive spell-checker. Don't you want to be able to catch capitalization errors?

If it is only an occasional word that bothers you, just add the capitalized word to your word list from the spellcker dialog. Boom, it won't bother you again.

But if you are bent on creating a case-insensitive spellchecker, you will need to edit the word list and duplicate in the file all of the capitalized words as lower case and vice versa. Any heavy duty text editor will have case conversion capabilities. Any words you later add to the word list will have to receive similar treatment.

But I would back up that original word list file before you start. I doubt if you will like the result.