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Features / Usability

Allowing the user to show or hide the right column

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Hello everyone,

We are starting to build up a really nice tikiwiki 1.9.2 site and would like to start using modules in the right hand menu.

However we also need to have a reasonable amount of screen real estate for the content panel. The USER decides option for the RIGHT COLUMN would be perfect (ADMIN > FEATURES) in that it allows the user to show or hide the column.

BUT there seems to be problems with this with all the themes that I have looked at. Does anyone know if

  • the USER DECIDES option works for the right column?
  • what theme are you using?
  • does anyone know of a public Tikiwiki installation that uses the USER decides option for the RIGHT COLUMN?
  • does it work on IE, Firefox and Netscape?

Thanks for a great product and I hope someone can assist us,


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User choice about showing left and right columns seems to be buggy. The code is in the default tiki.tpl template, so it should work in all themes that don't have their own tiki.tpl (and in those whose tiki.tpl has the column-flipping code as well — I didn't check if any are missing it).

The behavior should work in all browers since it depends on settings/logic on the server side, not in the browser.

But for some reason setting the column visibility to 'user' doesn't work consistently. I get the controls on the admin pages but not on most other pages, not in wiki pages, etc. I get the controls in about half of the ))MyTiki(( pages but not in the others.

There seems to be a problem with the conditional statements like {if $feature_left_column eq 'user'} in tiki.tpl. If you want to force the display of the column-flipping controls, change all instances of "user" in tiki.tpl to "y". But this will override an admin choice of always displaying the columns. In other words, with this tiki.tpl edit, the flip controls will always show, even if Admin > Features selection is display columns always, which should cause the columns to display and the controls not to display.

I'll submit a bug report.

-- Gary - zukakakina.com