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Unexpected behaviour with tiki_p_edit_categorized

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I've just added a series of Trackers to an existing site - for which I have an established Category structure to restrict access by sets of Groups.

To allow an existing Category to access their Tracker AND for them to update/enter records I needed to add the tiki_p_edit_categorized permission to the Category - which worked fine.

BUT I was very surprised to discover that this existing Category could now edit Wiki pages and upload files to Galleries even though the Groups do not have these permissions. In other words the tiki_p_edit_categorized permissions seems to enable all the various edits function - which logically doesn't seem right to me.

I have got around this apparent quirky behaviour by assigning individual permissions to the Trackers - but this is quite labour intensive and error prone since I have to make sure all the various permissions for the different Groups in the category are set.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Does anyone else think it odd and should ideally be changed so that edit permissions are set on an AND basis with tiki_p_edit_categorized - rather than the apparent OR basis.

Would appreciate some thoughts on this - thanks

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Yes, I have seen this behavior and I am suffering too....
In my case a working Staging and Approval system works, but the only problem is with tiki_p_edit_categorized ... I want normal registered users and as well anonymous visitors to be able to edit wiki entries... so I have to give them tiki_p_edit_categorized permissions... The weird thing is that afterwards they even approve their own entries due to tiki_p_edit_categorized although they do not have these group permissions... (only editors and admins have them).

I see this as the very same problem... I have been trying around now for days... if I take away the tiki_p_edit_categorized they cannot approve anymore, but as well they can´t edit anymore, which is what I do want them to do....


Anybody can help?

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I've now also seen this 'problem' in newsletters and this suggests there is probably a common root cause here.

I've logged this as a bug 2311 so you might want to add more detail there under comments etc.

Would be good to get this resolved in v3.0 - but I've no idea if anyone is actually looking at it.