feature suggestion: uneditable area on a wiki page

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Hi guys,

thanks for all the hard work and cool features you've done. Really appreciate!

I wonder if we can have a feature like uneditable area on a wiki page, meaning certain area on a wiki page can be edited only by an admin, but not a regular user. I searched on "features/usability" forum and I realized many other guys are also hungry for this feature. Is it possible to make this on your to-do list?

Or if current tiki already supports this feature, please let me know. :-)


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what I want is something like 'lock a wiki page by admin' in current wiki, which means only an admin can edit that page but not a regular user.

The request could be on a wiki page, certain section can be edited by only admin but not regular users.

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Yes this is exactly what I'm looking for. I'm a new user so maybe I just missed it in the documentation?

Wiki page is split by headings into editable regions but I want to lock individual regions. This may have a knock on effect on the main edit icon at the top of the wiki page.

Help appreciated from anyone.

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1- Perms are at the page level. You can set a page to be editable only by admins

2-You can include pages in pages, so you could have one of these included pages with different permissions

Best regards,

M ;-)

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You can sort of accomplish this by using the Include plugin:

  1. Create Page A and make it editable by Registered users.
  2. Create Page B and make it viewable by Registered users, but editable by Administrators. Or you could "lock" the page.
  3. Include Page B inside Page A.

When a Registered user views Page A, they'll see the Page B content. But, when they edit Page A, they'll only see the Page A content + the {INCLUDE...} plugin — they won't be able to actually edit any of the Page B content.


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Thank you Rick and M. I read this approach before but the regular user can still be able to remove {INCLUDE...} in page A, which means regular users can remove page B from page A.

Regular users can't edit page B but can remove page B from page A. How can we solve this problem?

Thanks a million!

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Revisiting an old post.

Page A will be editable by Registered users and the {INCLUDE..} statement will also be visible and also open for editing / deletion etc.

How do you prevent changes to the {INCLUDE...} statement?