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Slow Smarty Template for tiki-trackerlist.tpl

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Hi all -

My tiki installation seems to be really slow. I've painstakingly tracked it down from tiki-index.php and found out that the inclusion of plugins is generally slow
in particular, the trackers. I have under 400 items, one tracker w/ approx only 8 fields inside tiki-trackerlist.tpl.

I've outputted the times it takes to load the data (w/ a max of 100 item view and pagination)

and its showing me that the template is actually taking all of the time that I was suspecting, approximately 8 seconds+ (to 15 seconds sometimes)

It seems that each iteration in generating the items is taking a long time to actually generate. Perhaps I'll look deeper to see what's involved in creating a single item.

Did I forget to turn something on? I am running IIS and have set the permissions correctly (I think) for templates_c folder.