Features / Usability

Features / Usability

File Handlers and Full Text Searching for 3.4

United States

I was using 4.2 for file galleries, and had handlers (catdoc, pdftotext) to strip the text from word and pdf documents and store in the database. That works fine. What I didn't have was the ablility to upload multiple files, such as unzipping a zip directory, or even adding them one at a time. This feature is broken in 4.2

So I changed over to 3.4. Uploading multiple files now works, but the handlers don't seem to be storing any text in the database. I've tried reindexing, I've tried switching back and forth between storing in a directory versus the database, and it seems that the "full-text" search / handlers feature is broken in Tiki 3.4

Does anyone know if that's is the case?


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