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Features / Usability

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Is there a way to have a simple page for the users? Like upload a pic and some infos?

Thank you.

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Hi marquise and welcome to Tiki Community! smile

Yes, there is one profile to do that:

It's also devoted to easying the task to add comments to a user homepage while keeping those comments public, like the "Facebook wall" or similar features in some common social networking sites (hence, it's name: "Social Networking in Pretty Tiki Trackers", SNiPTT)

Please, provide feedback here or to its author (luciash) so that he knows easy ways to improve it, based on new users applying that profile nd sharing your first impressions.

I'm in process of using this profile for production also in short, together with an upgrade to one site that I'll do in the followiong weeks.

w00t!! Thank you Xavi!!! :-D

I will start working on it and will tell you how it goes.

Hi I am working with Marquise in the Tiki Page and well to put it bluntly I need the Dummies guide for this...

The link is nice but the relative info of where it all goes is missing...

I unfortunately do not speak the computer language so well....

Thanks in advance, Harry

A little Update, we have activated SNiPTT but the profile is now stuck at an edit screen. Basically I go to the link that says go to your profile, and it say I must edit my user profile. It only gives me the fields Username, Name and Nick and then when I change that it goes back to the Please edit your profile page...

I am going to check my trackers and the set up again, but I think I got that correct...

Also when I try to reapply the template it goes to a white screen....

Another Update, the white screen issue seems to have fixed itself and the Profiles are now activated...

With that in place now:
How do we link to others profiles?
How do we follow people?
Is there an app that allows us to post on other Users Profile Home (Like a wall to wall chat)? So far the SNiPTT allows me to post on my wall, but not on Marquise's

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