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ver 12.0 wikiplugin_registermemberpayment.php

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We are trying ver 12.0 and trying to set up a member registration tracker.
I found wikiplugin_registermemberpayment.php and tried to use but says I dont have access.
It is in the lib but is it not working? What am I missing.
We want to have a complete automated member registration system and I dont have the expertise.
Is there any one that can help me, I will pay per hour. I dont seem to have much luck with consultants.

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This is the only thing I can find and it just refers to a sourceforge page where I dont see any thing about topic.

Allows user to register and make member payment at the same time

I have not been able to find any explanation or example how to use this plugin.

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SourceForge.net source changed location, so that URL was no longer valid. I just updated URL.

I also added a bit more information on the page

Best regards,

M ;-)

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Thank you Marc
I did get it to work now. The problem is it seems to do the same thing as "memberpayment".
"memberpayment" and "registermemberpayment" do the same thing and look like they both have the same variables.
I have tried and tried to get registermemberpayment to register and pay for membership but no success. I cant find any thing about registering in the plugin.
Has anyone got this working?
Maybe the author could give a quick description of how to use it and the variables involved.

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