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phpCAS error


I changed a option in the Admin->Login area, now I recieve this error message:

phpCAS error: phpCAS::client(): bad CAS server hostname (`') in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\tikiwiki\lib\userslib.php on line 889

Obviously I can't go back and change my settings that I made, SO my question is where in my tiki directory can I access a config log to change back my settings for Admin->Login

For the record the change I made was from the default login tiki method to I thing CAS login.


You need to do 2 things, remove the preference and clear the cache. I set my test Tiki 14 sites to "CAS" and was able to get it back by doing those 2 things.

Use phpmyadmin and browser the tiki_preferences table and delete the row with the name = 'auth_method' and the value='cas'.

Unfortunately the clearing the cache is more difficult. I tried the console command to clear the cache:
php console.php cache:clear --all
And it did not work because of the "CAS" setting that was still in the cache, maybe it needs to have a parameter added to ignore the auth method when clearing cache. I had to CD to the /temp/cache folder ( I guess it would be inetpub\wwwroot\tikiwiki\temp\cache on your site) and clear the files manually. You need to keep the files index.php and container.php (and the .svn folder if it is an svn install) in the cache folder, but delete everything else. I used:
ls -1 temp/cache/|grep -v -e container.php -e index.php -e .svn | xargs -I file /bin/rm file

After that, you should be able to get back into your Tiki.
Good luck,


Thanks Tom,

Your procedure worked great and I am now accessing my wiki!

The only issue I have now is I am timing out on Login.. Both on login in with the drop down, and trying to access the login page.

Any Ideas?


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