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New Auto-toc in Tiki 15 alpha doing away with old Auto-toc formed via headers on pages?

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I've been digging around and testing some of the features on the new Tiki 15.0 alpha, and one of the major things I'm seeing with the new Auto-toc feature is that the preference 'Wiki auto-toc' no longer forms 2 tables of content.

Previous to 15, the preference would create 2 tables of content: one in the page, and one that floats at the top of the screen when scrolling. These tocs would form via the headers that were on the current page. This functionality is in heavy use on my site and would be a major roadblock if it is removed completely.

My question is: will the feature for a table of contents formed via the headers on a page be implemented again? Or will it be completely done away with in favor of the new Bootstrap ScrollSpy?

While I like the look and feel of ScrollSpy, I would very much like to retain to ability to create a table of contents within the page using its headers.

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The new version still uses headers to create the table of contents, so that aspect is the same. What specifically would be the problem at your site, using the ScrollSpy autotoc?

-- Gary

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Hey there,

So the issue I'm seeing with scrollSpy is that it takes all of the content on the page and pushes it over to create space for the autotoc. This is an issue because of the way my site is set up. All of the space on the page being taken up by the autotoc is just left empty while scrollSpy is activated and causes issue with some of the pages on the site.

Was this the intended functionality?

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