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Features / Usability

Open Tracker from Editor Tool Bar

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Hello folks, I am getting involved in Trackers, and the possibilities are exciting. Now that I am seeing the possibilities, I can see how it may be possible to add images to a wiki page via tracker, maybe?
Here is the work flow:

  1. User edits or creates a wiki page
  2. User clicks on file icon to insert file/image into wiki page
  3. The tracker opens up
  4. User uploads image to wiki page
  5. In the tracker variables are listed such as license (PD, Commons, ShareAlike etc)
  6. Variables are filled out before closing tracker
  7. Image is now displayed in the wiki page
  8. Image can also be found in gallery with tracker information displayed

I have found where I can create a custom tool for the editor at tiki-admin_toolbars.php but I am having a hard time seeing how I can relate that custom tool to a tracker.

Any help or direction or a link to information for this process is greatly appreciated.

By the way, this idea is not unique to me, Torsten actually suggested this to me over a year ago, but the idea of using trackers was overwhelming at that time. Thanks Torsten.