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Re: How can I present content templates upon page creation?

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Picture(s)? (I don't understand where to look at...)

hman wrote:


When setting up a brand new Wiki, I try make as many things as possible in the same way I did my older Wikis, some of them dating way back before Tiki 4...

I have created a content template, which I want my users to use. The right to view, use and edit (and lock) templates is granted to all registered users.

But unfortunately, the template only shows inside the Wiki page menu on the left. My older Wikis do present content templates to users at the moment they create a new page, which in my opinion is the intuitive "native" way to use a content template...

Why are they hidden in the menu? Or is there a config switch that I did not recognize that whould change this behaviour?

Thanks for your support