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Re: Re: Re: How can I present content templates upon page creation?

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Ah, I understand now. Previously you said "inside the Wiki page menu", not "Settings". That confused me.

You can see the content templates dropdown selector when creating new page at the Properties tab. If you want them present more visibly to new page creators, you can disable the tabs interface maybe? You can also copy the link leading to Content Teplates in the Settings menu to your own menu if you want to provide it more visibly.


hman wrote:
I just want to have Tiki present content templates at the moment my users will need them: On the page where a new page will be created. Instead they are hidden in the left bar under "settings". No user will look there. Templates must be present when needed... It should be the user's choice to start a new page with a template or freehand, but templates must be "at hand". Thanks.