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Compound searches

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I am still befuddled on how to do the following types of searches on our Tiki site -

  • Search for pages containg both "foo" and "bar"
  • Search for pages containing the phrase "foo bar"

I always seem to get pages which match either "foo" or "bar". With the amount of content on our site, this can be overwhelming.

I have tried the various search modules and read the documentation but still do not know how to do these basic compound searches. Can someone point me to the right search module and search syntax which will provide this type of search capability?



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I echo Damian on this. Assuming you're using MySQL the tables can be set to fulltext, but the source is going to have to be recoded to allow the IN BOOLEAN MODE addition to the SQL query.

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I guess this may sort of be "whining".. but i seem to need to re-iterate this point or question since i have come across it in a couple postings here... and a shotbox response from Damian to the question (although i didn't get his answer - something about MySQL doesn't support???).

am i wrong here in suggesting that the MOST BASIC search would be of the form: "foo" AND "bar" (as a single word search is rarely that useful)

alla Google type of search.

And it is being stated that TIKI can't do this. Seems very bizarre with all the wonderful features here that it doesn't support the most basic form of one of the most basic features.

Is the Full Search possibly the thing i and many others are looking for. And if it is the answer - why isn't it used on this site.

Sorry to be whining.. perhaps i am just missing something here.