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These consultants are active contributors to the Tiki community. By hiring them, you are permitting them to spend more time to contribute to Tiki. Thank you!

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ItemID Sorting Tiki.org username Tiki Consultants Image Name Category Languages Location Website Email Type Services and Skills Last modified
1127 600 russelljohn RJ Russell John Bangladesh Bangladesh http://russelljohn.net russell at ekushey.com Individual
1126 500 logosconsulting   Logos Consulting Uruguay Uruguay http://logos.com.uy info at logos.com.uy Company
1093 020 ang   Lorinc Czegledi Hungary Hungary http://atdot.hu/ info at atdot.hu Company
6605 001 xavi 2012 Xavier DePedro 200px Xavier de Pedro IT Admin, Power User, Small PHP developments, Translation Catalan, English, Spanish Catalan Countries Catalan Countries https://seeds4c.org xavi at seeds4c.org Individual
6608 020 amette Amette Avatar 2011 0.0.3 Alexander Mette Knowledge Manager English Germany Germany https://amette.eu tiki at amette.eu Individual Consulting & Project Management, Development & Customisation, Installation & Hosting, Training, Troubleshooting & Configuration, Upgrade & Maintenance, Wiki & Knowledge Database
1084 001 jonnybradley Jonnybradley Jonny Bradley United Kingdom United Kingdom https://tiki.org/UserPageJonnyBradley jonny at tiki.org Individual
6610 001 marclaporte EvoluData Logo White 175x60 EvoluData (Formerly known as AvanTech) Bulgarian, Czech, English, French, Hebrew, Portuguese, Spanish Canada Canada https://EvoluData.com Company Consulting & Project Management, Data migration & Content strategy, Design & Themes, Development & Customisation, E-commerce & Financial, Installation & Hosting, Marketing & Social Media, Multilingual & Translation, Training, Troubleshooting & Configuration, Upgrade & Maintenance, Wiki & Knowledge Database
6611 020 koth Nelson Nelson Ko Canada Canada https://ca.linkedin.com/in/nelsonko info at citadelrock.com Individual
1079 020 philippeback WIN 20160913 223730 (2) Philippe Back Belgium Belgium http://philippeback.eu phil at highoctane.be Company
1072 020 cdrwhite   Ott-Consult UG (haftungsbeschränkt) Germany Germany http://ott-consult.de info at ott-consult.de Company
1044 020 sylvie   Sylvie Gréverend United States United States http://sylvie.greverend.com/opensource.html sgreverend at gmail.com Individual
1029 001 ricks99 Ricksapir Rick Sapir United States United States http://ricksapir.com rick at ricksapir.com Individual
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