DaDaBIK is a free Open Source PHP application that allows you to easily create a highly customizable Web form interface for a MySQL database in order to search, insert, update and delete records; all you need do is specify a few configuration parameters.

arrow http://www.dadabik.org

arrow It exists also a PHPNuke release 6.3 module developed by Università della Calabria - Italy (and a Module for PHPNuke 6.5 - upwards )

arrow It exists also a PostNuke release 0.7x module Version 1.1 based on DaDaBIK v2.2.1, 13-Dec-2003 Tested on PostNuke 0.726

arrow And for a TikiWiki module ?

arrow DaDaBIK apps by Google and by MSN (that - unfortunately ! - has more links than Google about this subject)

How to Use Dadabik with Tiki 

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The strength of DaDaBIK 

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Communication between Chealer9 and bitinia at 20031004 

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