Things Im working on now

Things to complete before 1.9 release

  • Make 1.9 fully LGPL replacing libraries as needed
    also agreed to happen during mid-October at TikiFestUK #2
  • Display the LGPL license and a I Agree / I disagree buttons underneath as step 1 of the tiki-install
    should also appear on upgrades after the admin login

Things ive done but need a tidy up before commiting

  • Smileys in the database
    allows custom smiley sets to be uploaded and more added/removed.

  • Squirrelmail in Tiki
    Will appear on mods.tiki.org, a Smarty version of Squirrelmail! License stops it from being part of the Tikiwiki code.

  • osCommerce in Tiki
    Online Shopping for Tikiwiki - might be on mods.tw.o or might be a new project, depends on how much I can seperate and make it pluginable. License stops it from being part of the Tikiwiki code.
    Store front is Smartyd, needs admin interface and checkout work.

Now thinking to restart this as Zen Cart, as Zen is more compatible with tiki.org modding

  • Improvements to PDF
    to accept new wiki pages as new PDF pages

  • Modifications to Admin->menus
    to allow PHPLayer icons to be uploaded and create better visually appealing menus.

Things I want to do

  • Rewrite friends network to use Tiki Groups so that permissions can be granted on objects to people in your friends list.

  • PHP-GTK application
    A desktop application that will allow: Wiki Editing, Image uploader, Admin tool, TPL/CSS designer

  • PHP-GTK IRC client
    With Tikiwiki based extensions

  • Expand TikiBot
    to have announcement features and monitor pages etc.
    to be able to direct people to certain pages, or inform them of common problem/answers
    to allow one bot the power to query any number of multi-tiki's (i.e. t. d. u. for tw.o doc.tw.o and uk.tw.o)

  • Allow users to have a default signature for forums, inter-tiki messaging and comments.

  • Inter-tiki messaging address book


Ok, heres the community part of this page, you are free to add underneath this anything youd like me to consider doing in TikiWiki. This is not a "please help me with xxxxx" area, use the forums for that. Remember to sign with a date and your tiki.org login so I can contact you easily.

for example i recently did this one:
A new wiki-plugin to list pages matched by a search criteria in page name i.e. {SHOWPAGES(find=>UserPage*)/} - marclaporte - 11 august 2004
Commited to CVS on 12 august 2004 Enjoy it!

A fix that prevents the error message on the tiki.org website every time a user resizes the browser window using Internet Explorer. (Hint: I can prevent this error from popping up on my tiki sites by disabling the phpLayers menu feature.) This persistent error makes an immediate impression to IE users visiting the tw.o website that Tikiwiki is a sloppy and bug-ridden application. frown A fix for this would be much appreciated!! - UserPageColorado - Sept 21, 2004

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