By typing

you should be able to set a "dynamic variable".

This is a stub... I need to find the docs for dynamic variables... needs cleaning up.
lifted from http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/message.php?msg_id=6188456

... busted

Actually the value of the variable is displayed as a link with a style
"dynvar" or something that can be redefined by theme.
When you click the value a text input field appears in-place in the text, no
popup or redirection at all, in fact not refresh.
You can then edit the variable and when you press enter the page is
submitted and the variable is updated then the page
is reloaded with the new variable value being displayed.
Its pretty simple but can be useful when you have to display information
that changes a lot in several pages or objects,
for example when is the next meeting of a team or the scoring of a football
match or the amount of money raised by some
organization, etc etc etc. Whenever you want to edit click, change and the
info is updated in all the objects where the
variable is being used.

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 > El jue, 02-10-2003 a las 10:27, Luis Argerich escribió:
 > > The feature is called "dynamic variables" basically it"s very very
 > > to the dynamic content system but simpler.
 > > Basically you can use %name% in any Tiki object and Tiki will replace
 > > with the value of the variable called name. Variables
 > > are stored in thed database, non-existant variables are defaulted to
 > > How do you edit a variable? Simply click on the variable value, even if
 > > in the object where it appears and it will change to
 > > a field where you can enter the variable, press enter and the data is
 > > submitted and updated. Done, you have a new variable.
 > > I guess this can be used in several applications.
 > Looks like a great idea... gives a new meaning to what is a "hotword" :)
 > > I want to know what do you think of this and general ideas or
 > > that you can suggest before commiting.
 > Of course, must be a permission for deciding who can edit and who not
 > that variable (and by default, just admin).
 > And an "admin variables" configuration page could list defined
 > variables, show where they are used (?), enables centralized edition,
 > and probably deletion if they are no used anywhere.
 > How will be the edition dialog? A page with a form to edit it and the
 > submit goes to the referer? or a popup window like in illustrations that
 > when is saved the original page is redrawn?
 > > One question is: Do we display dynamic variable values in some specific
 > > style? Which? If not then the user must know what is a variable
 > > and what not or scan the text with the mouse looking for a tooltip to
 > > appear, the tooltip displays "click here to edit variable: name" I don"t
 > > know....
 > What about normal text for the variable when it should NOT be edited (if
 > you have no permission to edit it, just display as the normal text for
 > that section) and as a link if you can edit it?
 > Of course, there always be a problem... if you use such variables in a
 > link, where you go when you click in it? to edit the variable or follow
 > the link? what if I have something like (About|about the system %system%
 > and his users), if you close the </a> in the rendering of the link for
 > someone that can edit the name, part of the text will not be link as
 > intended. Of course, you can say that you can"t edit variables if they
 > are inside links, but you have to detect that in some way. There are
 > more places that things are rendered as links and probably can contain
 > those variables (think in a menu entry :)
 > That previous example was a wiki link, but, what about some serious
 > tries to go to the limit? What if the variable system contains "Tiki"
 > and I have somewhere AboutThis%system%, will render as the wikiword
 > AboutThisTiki, but, will be parsed as such or half of the word will link
 > to the AboutThis page and the rest as the edition of %system%? Will they
 > work in translations (i.e. be included in language.php or even
 > translated the content if a matching string is found there)?
 > mmm a lot of things here... well, you asked for it :)

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