Summary: I ran into a few difficulties installing Tikiwiki 1.7.3 on Mandrake 9.1. I thought I would document a few of the pitfalls I ran into in case it saves others time. I'm not going to repeat steps covered in the Install Instructions.

Problem 1: MySQL
This problem has nothing to do with Tikiwiki, but seems to be a flaw in how Mandrake installs php.

  • After Tikiwiki install, the first problem I encountered was that Tikiwiki could not see my database.
  • I checked that Mysql was installed and the permissions were set correctly. This looked fine.
  • I made a test php page to see if that could connect to a test database. I kept getting the error message saying "Call to unsupported or undefined function mysql_connect()". PHP couldn't see the MySQL server.
  • I discovered that Mandrake has many of the php additions as dynamic modules that are installed as separate rpm files. So I ran "urpmi php-mysql" and it confirmed that this module was already installed.
  • I looked in the /etc/php/ folder. There was a file there called "34_mysql.ini" just like there should be.
  • I realized there was no php.ini file and then found out that this is also a separate rpm file.
  • I ran "urpmi php.ini" which placed the php.ini file in /etc and then tried my test php page again. I was still getting the same error.
  • Ran Google searches for a few hours and finally found someone with the solution.
    • Move the php.ini file into /etc/php
    • In the "Paths and Directories" section, set extension_dir = /usr/lib/php/extensions.
    • In same section set include_path = ".:/usr/lib/php:/usr/share/pear".
  • Restarted apache and success!!
  • Note: I believe the dependencies for this php.ini file are messed up under Mandrake 9.1, because later on when I installed a different php rpm with urpmi it placed a php.ini file in /etc/php/ instead of just in /etc. I'm not sure why that is.

Problem 2: Images
One of the first things I did was make a wiki page with an image link in it. No image appeared though. This was a pretty quick fix after a little searching:

  • I just typed "urpmi php-gd".
  • After that package installed, and apache was restarted, images started working.

Problem 3: LDAP Auth
We run a windows 2000 network and I wanted to integrate Tikiwiki users with our Active Directory.

  • I followed the execellent instructions in the FAQ at http://tikiwiki.org/tiki-view_faq.php?faqId=10. However it didn't work; whenever I tried to log in, a blank page came up.
  • I dug through the code for a while and found the page where the connection code was and I deleted the "@" at the start of the php line to turn on the error message.
  • After I did this I saw that one of the ldap functions (ldap_connect(), maybe?) was giving an undefined error. On a hunch I typed "urpmi php-ldap" and watched the package install.
  • I restarted Apache and then logged in sucessfully to Tikiwiki using the Active Directory integration.

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