Some English strings are difficult to understand. A native English speaker and the usability team should modify those.

String whereProposed change
Footnotes:WikiMy personal notes:
Validate email addresses Admin newsletters the subscriptions are validated by email
Enable watches when I am the editor:Admin wikiif an editor modifies a page he is watching, he will receive a notification
User watches, User modules...... My watches, My modules ... are more explicit**
Poll, Survey, Charts...those are very similar, HARD to translate. Chealer : Charts -> Top links?
Quicklink / quicktag wiki 2 terms for the same concept (am I right?). I would prefer quickFormatting or shorcut
User *Personal settingsMy *
Go calendar (date selector) Refresh
admin content templates tplicon edit template edit template is enough (the context is not usefule: too many translation
Admin Dirertory Sites tpl...idemidem
structure ID admin structure it is a name not an id
current nodeedit strucutreit is not necessary to introduce a new term: current structure is enough
by modificatorMy Tikino such word in English language use by modifier or by editor
desc...'desc' is used to abbreviate both 'description' and 'descending'

Feel free to update this list.

**Chealer9 : My modules seems even more confusing (compare UserModules)

It would be great if we could define a string format (i.e. recomendations on capitalization and use of common, but currently varying, phrases). Put your ideas and comments in TikiStringsFormatConvention

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