ReleaseNotes 8.4

Tiki 8.4 Release Notes

Release Notes information This document includes important information about Tiki 8.4. Please review this information when installing (or upgrading to) this release.

For Tiki support, please use the forums.

This is the final, planned release for the 8.x branch. Tiki 9.0 replaces Tiki 8.x.

What's New

  • For users with tiki_p_edit_structures and tiki_p_edit permissions (in addition to tiki_p_admin_wiki), when adding new pages to wiki structures any direct object permissions from the parent will be copied to the new pages. Use the new option, feature_wiki_no_inherit_perms_structure to disable this behavior.
  • The tiki_p_view_category permission is now required to display the Category path.
  • Sidebar columns are now hidden if they don't have any content.
  • Added support for stateful SOAP sessions and getting the full reply from .NET calls using "out" parameters. The statefulness assumes a session cookie is used. These features are disabled by default and must be activated by coding. For example:
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    $webservice = new Tiki_Webservice; $webservice->allowCookies = true; $fullResponse = true; $reply = $webservice->performRequest($params, $fullResponse);


If this is your first installation ever of Tiki, welcome to the Tiki Community!

You'll find details about installing Tiki in the Tiki Installation Guide.


Important Changes

Tiki 8 introduces some major changes from prior versions. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you should be aware

See http://doc.tiki.org/Tiki8 for a complete list of changes.

Upgrading from older versions

If you are migrating to Tiki8 from Tiki versions earlier than Tiki7, you are encouraged to read first the pages describing the changes introduced in earlier versions of Tiki, such as:

Known Issues

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