Tiki 8.1 Release Notes

Release Notes information This document includes important information about Tiki 8.1. Please review this information when installing (or upgrading to) this release.

For Tiki support, please use the forums.

Because Tiki 8.0 was removed from download immediately after being released, Tiki 8.1 represents the first general release of the Tiki 8.x branch.

The release announcement is here:

What's New

Some major changes include:

See http://doc.tiki.org/Tiki8 for complete details.


If this is your first installation ever of Tiki, welcome to the Tiki Community!

You'll find details about installing Tiki in the Tiki Installation Guide.


Important Changes

Tiki 8 introduces some major changes from prior versions. If you are upgrading from an earlier version, you should be aware of the following:

  • Extensive changes to Trackers as part of the on-going Tracker Re-vamp.
    If you are using trackers, you should do a test upgrade before the real upgrade, and particularly test permissions. The effective permissions on some tracker items may change.
  • Removal of Staging and Approval, replaced by Flagged Revisions.
    Before upgrading, approve or reject all staged content. After upgrading, configure the Flagged Revisions feature. If pages are not approved/rejected prior to the upgrade, the pages will be left "as is" and you must set each page manually.

See http://doc.tiki.org/Tiki8 for a complete list of changes.

Upgrading from older versions

If you are migrating to Tiki8 from Tiki versions earlier than Tiki7, you are encouraged to read first the pages describing the changes introduced in earlier versions of Tiki, such as:


When upgrading from version 7, you should review these steps:

  1. Review the Tiki Upgrade procedure, especially if you have not upgraded your Tiki previously.
  2. If you have console access to your sever, execute setup.sh again.
    If not, manually configure the file and folder permissions, as needed.

Known Issues

You should be aware of the following issues, in particular if upgrading to Tiki 8 from prior versions as these are new:

  • Fatal error if you upgrade by copying over all the files
    • This was fixed in 8.3
  • Spreadsheet exportation fails with a fatal error.
  • Spreadsheets cannot be viewed (via view_sheets). The table quickly disappears when the page loads. Spreadsheets can nevertheless be viewed by editing them, if the user has the appropriate permission.
    • This was fixed in 8.2
  • Trying to access a wiki page's history causes a fatal error (sometimes causing a blank page) in some languages including Russian, Ukrainian, Korean and Vietnamese.
    • This was fixed in 8.2
  • Tracker item changes email notifications do not include the Subject field's value in the email subject anymore in simplified e-mail format.
  • Multiple regressions in comments:
    • Previewing comments is no longer possible.
    • Editing comments is no longer possible.
    • Comments with no title will show some number as a title.
    • Moderation is partially broken. Messages warning the user before and after posting a comment needing moderation do not appear anymore.
    • Accessing a comment from tiki-list_comments.php or from the since_last_visit_new module no longer brings to it directly (only brings to the object commented, but not to the right position in the page).
    • Regressions in CAPTCHAs for comments:
      • CAPTCHAs (when not using ReCaptcha) in comments do not change when the code is mis-typed, and attempts past the second one always fail regardless of the input.
      • Trying to regenerate CAPTCHAs (when not using ReCaptcha) for comments fails (clicking "Try another code" has no effect).
        • This is fixed for Tiki 9.1 (by revision 42625).
      • reCAPTCHA is unusable (the error "Empty captcha value" appears when trying to post, but no CAPTCHA is shown).
  • The options for the field "Default category assigned to uncategorized objects edited by a user with this default group" in the Admin Groups page are broken (often empty).
    • This is fixed for 8.4 (by revision 39554).
  • New users added by an administrator (via Admin Users) have their language set to English by default, even if the site language is not English.
    • This is fixed for 8.4 (by revision 39558. Tiki cache needs to be cleared for the fix to take effect).
  • Translating articles is still possible, but not as it used to be. The globe icons will yield a "Only wiki pages are supported." error. This can be worked around on tiki-read_article.php using the translations dropdown and its Manage translations option. This dropdown will only appear after enabling the "Show lang" property of the translated article's article type.
    • This is mostly fixed for 8.4 by various commits including r39513, r39514, r39515, r39516, r39517, r39518, r39519, r39821, r39824, r39829 and r39830.

Complete list of known regressions in Tiki 8.1.

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