Roundtable Meeting 2018 04

Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist


Thursday, April 19th, 2018 at 14:00:00 UTC time (click for time zone in your city)
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1st hour quick news

  1. Quick review of t.o websites visitors statistics
  2. Should we do the Copyright 2002-2018 year bump up to keep the Tiki files "refreshed" or not?
  3. Related to the above: do we need copyright notice on every index.php file when all it does is redirect to prevent directory browsing? There is hundreds of them. Could save some Tiki weight!
  4. clicking PluginEditHelper icon on PluginConvene here just loads the modal and closes immediately (regression?)
  5. also the H1-H5 anchor target covered by fixed navbar CSS hack does not work for some reason on tiki.org (while working on dev.tiki.org for example)
  6. TikiFestStrasbourg2018 only during Libre Software Meeting?
  7. ...

Second hour, longer topics

  1. i18n - i18n team news
    1. i18n Documentation
    2. RTL languages
  2. Bootstrap 4 update process
    1. Merge of experimental branch to trunk (now scheduled for April 20; Tiki 19 branching in September, release in October)
    2. Tasks after the merge (update class names, HTML construction - navbar, forms, etc.)
    3. Other changes to make while things are being broken and fixed
    4. Etc. (some related notes at https://themes.tiki.org/Bootstrap 3 to 4 transition)
  3. (Related to previous item) possible layout and menu changes (see https://themes.tiki.org/Bootstrap 3 to 4 transition#Other_possible_related_changes):
    1. Consolidate layout templates to reduce redundancy (for reference: https://themes.tiki.org/Layout+Templates).
    2. Consolidate menu types ("Bootstrap" and "CSS/suckerfish" and Tiki legacy) . Example of multi-level, open-on-hover Bootstrap menu: https://bootstrapthemes.co/demo/resource/bootstrap-4-multi-dropdown-navbar/.
    3. Consider removing the FiveAlive theme and maybe also FiveAlive-lite, and replacing with FiveAliveHS, which was actually made for that purpose. FiveAlive is difficult to customize because of the two background colors in the site header, and IMHO FiveAlive-lite's tiny navbars aren't user-friendly.


  • The recording is here.


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