We are restarting this project in December 2021. Here is the Telegram.org chatroom: https://t.me/TikiTranslations


i18n.tiki.org will permit Tiki community members to easily contribute interface translations.


Site and Server Management

  • Elvis, Nasser and Rodrigue (junior devs) lead the project
  • Coaching from Bernard for Tiki configurations and UX.
  • Coaching from Horia for sysadmin issues
  • Coaching from Fabio for Git issues.
  • Coaching from Adrien and @Jonny Bradley on PHP and JS coding issues


We are hoping to assemble a team of 10-15 translators. Please add your name below.

  • Swahili: Joel
  • French: Elvis, Nasser and Rodrigue
  • Romanian: Horia, Lavi
  • Croatian: Gour
  • You?


This project is sponsored by EvoluData.com for reasons including:

  • Foster an active community of translators, that translate of course, but that also discuss how to improve the translation system and process (technical and coding, harmonize source terminology in English, etc.)
  • Translators will be able to easily get to work as soon as code lands in trunk (No need to wait for a stable release)
  • Training junior developers to manage a real project, but that is not mission-critical
  • A way to continuously test trunk, acting as a "canary in a coalmine"
  • Serves as a demo to promote Tiki
  • Serves as a place to test translation-related bugs (ex.: hman reports an issue in 18.x and we can quickly check if it's still an issue in trunk)


Short term

Medium term

  • How to prioritize translations with for example back-end vs front-end? (A suggestion from Ed): Translation Priorities
  • Send activity/alerts to the chatroom
    • New translations
    • Zabbix alerts
    • Major errors in GlitchTip
  • Review if/how translations can be attributed to the translator (and not tikii18nbot)
  • Review and improve translation workflow
  • A more automatic system with GitLab
  • Investigate how translations could be backported to supported branches (ex.: 21x)


Here is some background information explained in a meeting in 2018 (The project started but never really reached usefulness and was overidden by spam, and shut down.)


  • i18n.tiki.org will be a standard WikiSuite installation so anyone can reproduce with Open Source
  • It will be hosted on a so-called dogfood server
  • While Elvis, Nasser and Rodrigue will be responsive, translators should expect some periods of mediocre stability and uptime because
    • site will be updated daily from trunk
    • site will be managed by junior developers
    • all translators will have full admin access

Out of scope

  • Elvis, Nasser and Rodrigue will not be responsible to address bugs that are unrelated to interface translations. They can help report the bug and rollback the site to an earlier known-working version.
  • This project has no relation with Transifex or any other such platform.
  • This project is for Interface Translations and not content translations (That would be a distinct project)
  • As of 2021-12-12, only lang/xx/language.php are covered and not lang/xx/language.js



Here is the permanent chatroom: https://t.me/TikiTranslations

  • The junior developers are responsible to take charge of all translation-related issues.


  • Do we let create users on i18n.tiki.org or use InterTiki or Remote Auto-login? Keep in mind that all translators need full admin permissions so they can translate the admin panels.
  • Given we'll be running trunk, and translations will be upstreamed frequently and preferences will often change (translators need to adjust to see various strings to be translated): Should we plan for the Tiki instance to be periodically reset? And we use System Configuration to maintain preferences necessary to the translation workflow. We could also create a profile with the benefit to make it easy for anyone to create their own Tiki instance for translations.
  • Marc has an archive of the old i18n.tiki.org server (machine shut down on Linode): Is there anything on this to recuperate?
    • Names and emails of translators?
    • Scripts in development?

Old content to be cleaned up


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