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The project is slowly starting at: i18n.tiki.org

Tiki’s multilingual features are already very good. It is possible to manage a site in 35+ languages. It is also possible to manage a multilingual site with a single Tiki install. However, there are still a lot of ideas to improve.


  1. DogFood, debug, showcase and enhance all i18n features to improve Tiki as:
    • an Open source Translation management system.
    • a Multilingual wiki
    • a Multilingual Content Management System
  2. To have an area dedicated to translations, multilingual, i18n and l10n issues.
  3. Translation upstream
  4. How can we have Tiki translated in 100 languages?
  5. Promote some little known scripts like:


  1. Identify & contact everyone that has ever translated for Tiki.
  2. Contact people for each language (with maps.tiki.org and from chosen language in User preferences) and put them in contact with each other.
  3. Coordinate TikiFests in various countries
  4. Participate to wiki-translation.com

Please add your name below if you want to participate. When 5 people are ready to go, we’ll launch the project. We’ll need a coordinator.

  • Rodrigo
  • Xavi de Pedro (I offer some time for testing, documenting...)
  • Wesley Willians (i offer some time for testing, translating, etc)


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