Roundtable Meeting 2021 02

Volunteering Facilitator: Bernard Sfez / Tiki Specialist


We hold a regular meeting somewhere around the third Thursday of each month.
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Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 15:00:00 UTC time (click to check time zone in your location)
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18 Feb 2021 14:00 GMT-0000
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21 Feb 2021 14:00 GMT-0000
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25 Feb 2021 14:00 GMT-0000
25 Feb 2021 15:00 GMT-0000



First hour, quick news

  1. Report "from" our participation to FOSDEM 2021
  2. TikiFest Virtual 2021
    Adding topics to the Tikifest (see TikiFest Virtual 2021 )
    Add here the topic you want to suggest for our next Virtualfest
    1. Tiki software strategy
      They have been lately some discussion about "how is Tiki" and I think we need to questions ourself: "Is Tiki a mature software" and by this I mean by someone else than the core Tiki members. I think the answer is no (sadly). Unless you accept to leave with a degres of incertitudes and with the hand under the hood most of the "basic" expectation have issues. But the good new is that we are not that far from being there (we don’t need a 100%). We need to evaluate (fighting here with the numbered list and unordered list trying to add text was a good exercise... I lost 😂), have a fixes roadmap and a "cutting lose" plan.
      To illustrate:
      Wiki pages features
      • Check bugs and prioritise fixes
      • List the not used and outdated code/options
        • Decision to keep fixe/improve or to program for deletion
      • Review/Improve the Admins side
      • Review/Improve the user side (design and usage)
      • ...?

      And we move on to the next. Of course that require will, time and maybe rewarding people (bounty, $$, medals...)
      I would like to open a discussion about the idea of (super)polishing Tiki during the Tikifest
    2. Rolling-Release-of-Tiki
      Straw vote - who present would like to switch to 'One Version of Tiki'?
    3. ...
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Second hour, longer topics

  1. Discuss Control Panel Revamp
    1. What what needs to be revamped exactly? It will be easier to discuss solutions if we understand specifically what needs to be fixed.
    2. which Font-End specialists could do any agreed upon changes? How long some of the proposed changes would take to implement? How sustainable are they (given updates/upgrades and further growth)? etc.
  2. Bootstrap options for visually impaired - low vision, colorblind, etc.
    1. I have found plugins and other tutorials that give options, but maybe some Front-End developer could go over the options available, realities of implementation (e.g. time, resources, etc.) (disclosure: I would use one with just shades of gray ;-) )
  3. How long to keep SVN available as read-only?
    I am coming to the conclusion that git isn't good for running and updating Tikis on a server. Several times git has got upset on production sites (i forget exactly what, unstaged changes or something) so i'm thinking of going back to using SVN for checkouts as it's simpler and more reliable - discuss... mrgreen
    • Marc(?) already stated that SVN updates will stop when Tiki 18 LTS is EOL on https://dev.tiki.org/Where-to-commit but I am +1 to roll that statement back and keep the SVN read only (at least) until SF.net does exist.
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