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Tiki Friendly Hosts

Partial list, add your own. See also 1-click installers and Hosting
Maybe you want a Tiki, right now, and you don't want to fuss with installation. Or maybe your remote host doesn't easily let you install Tiki. The following hosting providers will pre-install Tiki and let you jump right in. Add your stuff here, don't change things, add them and indicate the date

Our Affiliate Partners

By registering within these you are supporting Tiki!


Start your hosting with a2hosting

When you want TikiWiki Hosting, you want the high performance host featuring the SwiftServer platform. That's us! At A2 Hosting, you can host your wiki on our blazing fast Turbo Servers featuring up to 20X faster page loads compared to competing Tiki Wiki Hosting providers. You're going to love them!


Start your hosting with BlueHost

Bluehost is one of the top recommended hosting companies for running your open source software. They power millions of domain names and offer 24/7 customer support via phone, email and chat. They also offer shell access via SSH so you can access your site scripts directly if necessary. Tiki and Bluehost works directly with the Tiki community to ensure compatibility and ease of installation and upgrades.


Start your hosting with Hostmonster

Hostmonter is a US-based company specializing in shared hosting. See their features page for details. By subscribing now and taking advantage of the 1-click installer, you can have your Tiki-powered site up and running in minutes.


InMotion offers Shared, VPS or Dedicated Servers for any size Tiki website. Visit their Tiki Education Channel as well to learn how they can help you with your Tiki hosting needs.
InMotion Hosting Tiki Education Channel

Tiki confirmed Friendly Hosts (updated after 03/2021)


* RoseHosting has been providing top notch hosting services to thousands of customers around the world since 2001.

  • VPS hosting plans are fully managed and support TikiWiki. Our experienced admins will install TikiWiki and are available 24x7 if you need some help with your TikiWiki based site.
  • Admins do all the server work for the customer for free.

Added by: jeffweidner


CiviHosting is a top-tier hosting firm based in the US with a strong focus on security.
Their service includes a free install of TikiWiki by their staff, daily backups, control panel, full email service and 24/7 support with a minute response time.
As of 2021 they support PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4
Added by: David Feldman

EZPZ Hosting

* Offers a Starter Plan. During September 2019, the first month cost 1 GBP, plus 6.99 GBP for a domain name, if you need one. The price then goes to 4.99 GBP per month. You may select a server in the UK , USA or India.

  • Logged into CPanel and used Softaculus to install Tiki 20.0. Even with no experience with Tiki or setting up a web site, this was not too difficult.

Added by: larryg

AnyPursuit Hosting Network

I am running over half a dozen tiki websites for over eight years without any problem. Hosting starts at a price of $2.75 per month. Web SSH is also available with the cloud server.
One click installer is available with very good user friendly Hepsia control panel. Quick services are provided on an average in less than 15 minutes though declared time is one hour. Apart from shared hosting, semi-dedicated shared servers are also available at very cheap price.
Self-managed and managed VPS and dedicated servers are also being provided. They gave all the facilities for my tiki websites.
Free trial is also provided.
Added by: gyanpathak


* I´am running Tiki with the All-Inkl PrivatPlus and All-Inkl Premium shared webhosting packets. Everything is fine, Tiki is running without problems.

  • Their service is fantastic! You could call or email them 7 days a week and you will get an answer.
  • You can talk with them about options (I my case the perl-script-running time) and they will change it if possible.

Added by: Admin team

Outdated information

1and1 (1 & 1)

  • http://www.oneandone.co.uk
  • Using their Business package, I have successfully installed and used 1.8.5 (Polaris). It didn't work properly until a few months ago (as of June 2005).
  • I haven't yet tried upgrading to 1.9 but will update here when (if I do that)
    added 6th June 2005 by r5gordini
  • I have serious doubt - after contacting them 8/25/05 - the memory limit in 8mb their phpini sylvie
  • Looks like they were listenning... The limit is now 40M for both the US and UK. RabidDog
  • I ordered the business package on 2-sep-2007. Their marketing info indicated that they had a "quick setup" feature for Tikiwiki. However, once I got my account there was no entry for Tikiwiki. I contacted tech support and they indicated the Tiki quick install was coming "soon". I was able to install via FTP (latest version, 1.9.7 iirc). Wiki is stable and 1and1 gives 100 MB per MySQL database. mzaleski

1and1 (1 & 1) US

  • http://www.1and.com
  • We have the Business Plan and as of 10/11/10 it is working fine. I was able to upload tiki files via SSH; create a database via the control panel and launch the installer.
    by gmartin
    • Host has php4 & 5 installed. I had to add a .htaccess file to ensure v5 was used. Look here for details
      • WARNING: I used 1&1 several years back and the only way I could stop the autobill once I left was to shut down my bank account. Web based support wa no help. There were no working phone numbers to contact tech support. I wasn't using tiki back then, so can't comment on that. - WizarDave

1und1 (1 & 1) DE managed dedicated Server

  • https://hosting.1und1.de/webhosting
  • I have several Tikis from 3.2 to 6.0 tested on a 1und.de managed Webserver.
  • everything works fine and installation is made in some minutes, once you know some little trick, how to install
  • setup database (make shure that it is utf-8), upload and unzip Tiki, rename the folder, setup domain/subdomain
    -> now just add local.php manually in /db (mind: $host_tiki='localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock';), add $api_tiki='adodb'; in the local.php and parse PHP5 with AddType x-mapp-php5 .php and ''AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php in the .htaccess
    -> then install with tiki-install.php
    I have never problems since we found that solution
    added by Torsten Fabricius
    November 2010
    Update: May 2016:
    1und1 is kind of reluctant to upgrade the PHP in their shell (commandline), which stays at PHP4.something as a default
    Although it is possible to use PHP5.x commands in the shell, it is not possible right now to use composer
    Trying to run a Tikiwebsite from the svn repository is a no-runner - (hints or workarounds appreciated)
    Using downloaded versions including all latest builds is fine. These Tiki versions install and run smothly up to trunk (pre-16)
    Regards, Torsten

A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is your high powered TikiWiki Hosting provider. Your A2 Hosting account features:

  • Easy 1-Click Tiki Wiki Setup
  • 20X Faster Turbo Hosting option
  • Hosted on their high performance SwiftServer platform
  • 99.9% Uptime Commitment
  • 24/7/365 Guru Crew Support
  • Anytime Money Back Guarantee


After a lot of headache and wasted time, I came across these guys who were extremely easy and fast. Their rates are awesome. I asked them for some bullet points for me to post here:

  • Plans start at $24.99 per year
  • They can preinstall Tiki for you as part of the order
  • Great and powerful servers, 8 cores or higher on drives set on a Raid 10 array
  • LiteSpeed Webserver
  • Softaculous
  • RVSkin
  • RV Site Builder and more.
  • 24-7 support through ticketing system or live chat, great service and great value. Beachcomber is the premium service provider without the premium service price.
  • 10 year old + company
  • I highly recommend them, they'll answer your questions promptly and bend over backwards to help you. They deserve more business, use them.
  • Here are their packages:

  • Starter is 1GB Server Space, 20GB Bandwidth, 1 databases and 0 Add-On Domains. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP.

Cost is $3.99 per mo, $24.99 per yr

  • Standard is 4GB Server Space, 40GB Bandwidth, 5 databases and 5 add-On Domains. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP.

Cost is$ 5.99 per mo, $59.99 per yr

  • Standard Plus is 8GB Server Space, 80GB Bandwidth, 25 databases and 25 Add-On Domains. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP.

Cost is 7.99 per mo, 79.99 per year.

  • Standard All is 12GB Server Space, 120GB Bandwidth. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP

Cost is $9.99 per mo and $99.99 per year

  • Power Premier is 20GB Server Space, 200GB Bandwidth. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP.

Cost is $14.99 per mo and $149.99 per year

  • Power Pro is 30GB Server Space, 300GB Bandwidth. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP.

Cost is $19.99 per mo, $199.99 per year

  • Power Mega is 50GB Server Space, 500GB Bandwidth. All other features unlimited within the scope of the TOS and AUP.

Cost is $29.99 per mo, $299.99 per year


Bitnami Cloud Images extend stack appliances to run in a cloud computing environment. You can run BitNami applications on a pay-as-you-go basis, programmatically starting and stopping them. BitNami Cloud Images are currently available for Windows Azure and Amazon EC2, with support for additional cloud environments planned for the future. In addition to providing free, ready to deploy Cloud Images, we also offer BitNami Cloud Hosting, a subscription service that simplifies the process of deploying and managing open source applications to the Amazon EC2 Cloud. You can sign up for our free tier and learn more on the BitNami Cloud Hosting website.


Host your site with Tiki specialists!

BizWebShop hosts and maintains many TikiWiki sites on dedicated Linux servers in Wisconsin, USA.

  • Phone, email and skype support
  • Hosting with cPanel
  • 100 emails and auto-responders
  • 50GB of server space
  • 500GB of bandwidth
  • 100 MySQL databases and FTP accounts
  • Daily/weekly/monthly backups included

Contact BizWebShop now.
updated June 10, 2013 by Mary Luketich

Calport Technologies

Calport Technologies is an Indian web design and development company. They offer web hosting specifically for Tiki Wiki on a load-balanced and scalable environment powered by Rackspace Cloud Sites. Plans start at INR 5,500 or USD 90 per annum.

Calport offers various optimizations for Tiki Wiki hosting, including MariaDB as a drop-in replacement of mySQL. MariaDB offers 2x the performance of mySQL for Tiki Wiki installs.

"updated 07/04/15 by Deeku"


Cloudways Ltd. is a European managed services provider (MSP) that provides on-demand app deployment & cloud hosting solutions on self-service, as well as fully-managed IaaS models. Our service offering includes 24x7 Live Chat / Ticket support, Pay-as-you-go pricing and FREE consultation sessions.

Click&Go Cloud | Fully Managed
Deploy and scale a wide range of 100+ pre-configured apps including WordPress¸ Drupal¸ Joomla¸ Magento and SugerCRM in less than 2 minutes. The agility and simplicity of our state-of-the art platform, coupled with the full management option gives you more time to work on your business.

Power Cloud | Powerful Custom Setup
Designed to cater small and midsized businesses that are looking for something more than a standalone option. The Power Cloud managed solution offers:

  1. A full custom cloud design, implementation and management.
  2. A team of infrastructure managers to handle day-to-day system administration.

Why Cloudways?

  • Support engineers available 24x7 through Live Chat and Ticketing system.
  • Automated hourly and daily backups, with same-cloud and cross-cloud disaster recovery options ensure 99.99% uptime.
  • Deploy multiple apps on single or multiple cloud hosts with the freedom to move your application anywhere.
  • Solid 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Non-obligatory FREE Consultation Session with our Network Engineers


  • Website Hosting
  • PHP 4 / PHP 5 / MySQL 4 / MySQL 5
  • cPanel
  • SSH
    Added January 11, 2008 by fweikeong (does not offer bulk hosting plans, only shared hosting plans with decent allowances, friendly and responsive support I must say)


  • https://www.dreamhost.com/
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth! Unlimited hosted domains!
  • I have a VPS with them for my tiki site and use the shared mysql server. (You can setup a VPS for MysQL for $15/month base charge)
    • I have memory allocated at 550MB and this costs me $27.50/month.
      • Easy access to everything I need SSH, FTP, php.ini, .htaccess, etc.
        • After about $25, you should consider a VPS or a higher end host.
  • Several 1-click installs, but not Tiki.
  • Promises many things, but I had issues with most of them not working such as Let's Encrypt and Cloudflare.


  • http://www.eukhost.com
  • Offer ample amount of disk space and bandwidth on their plans.
  • Offer Fantastico (2.10.2 r32) with all Linux Hosting plans. A variety of open source scripts can be installed through Fantastico including Tiki.


  • http://www.hostgator.com/
    added 8 July 2012 by bradmccormick
  • Logged into CPanel and used QuickInstall, not Fantastico, to install Tiki 8.4 after establishing a new account.
  • Had some errors configuring Tiki but HostGator chat support was able to resolve them. The mod_sec rules needed to be whitelisted.


  • http://www.nethosted.co.uk
  • Variety of shared and reseller plans all supporting Tiki
  • Offer cPanel control panel with latest PHP and MySQL support, reseller hosting with WHM
  • Fantastico De Luxe installed with all Linux Hosting plans. A wide range of open source applications can be installed through Fantastico including Tiki.

Nexcess web hosting

  • http://nexcess.net
  • Didn't try the service, but they provide a simple tutorial for tiki 1.8 setup on their web hosting. Any user, please feedback
    added 19 aug 2004 by mose
  • I'm trying to migrate my cms to tiki, but they have the memory limit in 8M, I'm waiting for an answer from Nexcess's support to see if they can fix it. They did it, the problem is solved they set the memory_limit to 32M. I'm testing Tiki 1.8.6 and 1.9.1 and it seems to work fine. They've been so fast, they solve my problem before I wrote down the first lines.
    note 18 oct 2005 by natxo

OCS Solutions

  • http://www.ocssolutions.com
  • Has well priced plans with monthly payment options
  • PHP, MySQL, SSH, phpMyAdmin, Cpanel / Fantastico
  • Simple one click install of Tiki inside control panel through Fantastico
  • Added Dec 2004 by gammahelixx

One Hosting Plan

From their website:

  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Shared SSL
  • MySQL Database
  • Control Panel
  • CGI/SSI/Perl/PHP
  • Pop3+IMAP Server
  • Email Aliases
  • Spam Filters
  • Auto Responders
  • E-Mail Forwarding
  • Web Logs

I have successfully setup my 1.8.4 Tiki on this site.
added Nov. 30, 2004 by ricks99


  • http://www.ourproject.org
  • Server based on Gforge (http://www.gforge.com), to allow people to create free projects (content released under copylefted licenses among several standard ones they allow to choose from). Nice guys behind, nice server, pleny of space. Easy installation (SSH access, phpmyadmin, ...). Easy also for multitiki installations!
    added 27 sep 2004 by Xavi


Tiki available via Fantastico (1.8.6 at time of writing) or self-installed

  • Monthly price from $3.49/mo
  • Standard-Plan: 400MB Storage Space, 10GB Data Transfers, Unlimited features (see below), $6.95 per month
  • CPanel
  • We can host any domain name!
  • DNS service for your domains
  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP/SMTP/Webmail E-Mail accounts on your domain or subdomain.
  • Unlimited FTP accounts on your domains and subdomains.
  • Unlimited Parked domains (these domains point to the root http directory)
  • Unlimited Addon domains (these domains point to a directory inside your account)
  • Unlimited Subdomains under your domain (for example: files.yourdomain.com)
  • Unlimited MySQL databases
  • Unlimited E-Mail Aliases (forwarders) on your domain or subdomain
  • Unlimited E-Mail Auto Responders on your domain or subdomain
  • Unlimited Mailing Lists
  • Unlimited E-Mail Blockers
  • Scripting Support including:
    • Perl
    • PHP (4.4.0 at time of writing)
    • MySQL (4.1.13 at time of writing)

I’m with them for a couple of years now. Especially PHP compiled without memory limit was a great bonus since the first days of Tiki 😉 and you have some quite free access to your own php.ini. Support is great, quickly and very responsive. They have a couple of support channels, up-to an emergency facility.

+Added November 09, 2005 by markusvk (Information partly copied from their website)


  • http://www.phpwebhosting.com
  • Provide hundreds of MB of diskspace, 32MB php limit, SSH access + more
    added July 30th 2004 by gray - I've installed and ran Tiki with no problems on this host


  • http://www.rosehosting.com
  • RoseHosting has been providing top notch hosting services to thousands of customers around the world since 2001.
  • All our VPS hosting plans are fully managed and support TikiWiki. Our experienced admins will install TikiWiki and are available 24x7 if you need some help with your TikiWiki based site.
  • Take a look at our specials going on right now!


+Added January 4, 2010 by MacLeod
  • http://www.rackspace.com
  • This host was originally selected and set up by a separate contractor. Looking for less expensive options with comparable security, reliability, and infrastructure (LAMP) support.
  • Price for "Managed Hosting" dedicated server with options below: $636.00/mo
    • 1000 GB bandwidth
    • ??? GB storage
    • LAMP
    • Managed Backup
    • ...?


  • http://www.rshosting.com
  • http://www.rshosting.co.uk
  • All the web hosting plans right from shared hosting to dedicated hosting are fully compatible with Tiki application, offering a choice of hosting your Tiki on UK or US networks and servers.
  • Starting from as low as $1.25 per month on US server and £1.25 per month on UK servers.
    • Fast and Secure servers
    • Lightening fast support via helpdesk and live chat avaialble 24x7x365 days a year.



Site5 offers TikiWiki installations in one click with our affordable web hosting plans. Starting as low as $4.95 - you can get your own TikiWiki setup in just a matter of minutes. Some of our shared hosting features include:

  • Easy To Use Control Panel! (Tour and Demo)
  • PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Python, and more!
  • 24/7 Tech Support Via Email and Chat
  • 99.9% Uptime Guarantee
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Bonus: If you have TikiWiki setup at another webhost, we will migrate your installation over to our servers for free.

Site5 specializes in Linux based hosting of all types. We currently provide shared hosting, shared cloud hosting, reseller hosting, VPS hosting, cloud VPS hosting as well as manged and unmanaged dedicated server hosting too. Check out our client testimonials, and feel free to talk with our sales team if you have any questions.


  • I ran into problems getting TW 3.0 to work on SiteGround in May 2009, and could not get the needed response from their staff to get it to work after several attempts, so I walked away from my full year paid up payment, no refund given.
    commania 3/2010

Tiger Technologies

I successfully installed tiki 1.8.4. The basic hosting package includes:

  • Monthly price (prepaid annually): $6.25
  • Monthly price (billed monthly): $6.95
  • Free domain name
  • No Setup fee
  • No Contract length
  • Disk space: 200 MB
  • Bandwidth: 5 GB
  • Web site statistics
  • Unlimited Subdomains
  • Shared SSL certificate
  • MySQL databases: 2
  • Perl CGI script support
  • PHP script support
  • SSH/telnet Linux shell access
  • Extra disk space: $0.02 / MB
  • Extra bandwidth: $4.00 / GB
  • Extra MySQL databases: $1.00 each
  • Custom SSL certificate: $99/year

I've had extremely good experience with this hosting vendor for several years now, and I highly recommend them. You do need the MySQL 4.1 limit -1 hack, however, as they provide MySQL 4.1+. Hopefully this will be fixed in tiki 9.1.

+Added August 17, 2005 by edalton

TRK hosting

  • http://www.trkhosting.com/
  • Has Fantastico with recent software update, I've been using it since 1.8.x, now 1.9.2
  • Very helpful for any issue, does custom modifications for any hosting plan
  • Last update May 8th, 2006 by learlo


  • http://www.unichost.com
  • Offer ample amount of web space and bandwidth on their plans.
  • Offer Fantastico Deluxe auto-installer with all Linux Hosting plans. A variety of open source scripts can be installed through Fantastico including Tiki.
  • I have successfully installed and configured my Tiki on my website.


  • http://www.variomedia.de
  • Added June 2004 by lehe0011
    • Offers up to 250MB Webspace with MySQL, PHP, SSH and phpMyAdmin
    • Tiki install within 3 minutes including creation of database
  • hlu, March 10th 2005
    • choosed tarif ))WebHosting(( 50 with one SQL data base, 50 MB web space and two domains for 5 € / month
    • domain was up 24 hours later
    • installation of 1.8.5 without problems, all things are working fine

Web Hosting Reviews


  • http://www.webscorpion.com
  • Plans start at $5/month.
  • Latest Plesk 8.6 - Redhat Enterprise 5 Linux platforms.
  • All plans include SSH access, email (pop/imap/webmail), Apache, FTP, MySQL, Software Vault.
  • Download and install Tiki directly from your shell or let us to install for you at no extra charge (any version).
  • Also available: virtual servers (Redhat Enterprise 5 Linux) from just $25/month.
  • Payment by all major credit cards or Paypal.
    Added Jan 2005 by madsere, updated Nov 2008

Webhost UK LTD

  • UK web Hosting
  • We support and offer Free installation for Tiki on our Linux cpanel Hosting.
  • Unlimited Domain Hosting
  • Offers Tiki on shared,Reseller,VPS and dedicated server on servers in UK Datacenter.
  • Reliable 24/7/365 days support
  • unlimited Email account
  • PHP5 , MYSQL 5 Supported server.
  • unlimited Database creation
  • Free Softaculous /Fantastico for inclick installation.

WebHost.Uk.Net is UK's fastest growing and leading domain registration, web hosting provider.

Web Hosting UK

My plan features

  • Unlimited Domains and Subdomains
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts
  • MySQL Database
  • cPanel
  • Shared SSL

I've converted an existing site to Tiki its available via Fantastico.
I have used several hosting providers now and I can safely say that Webhosting.UK.com definitely offers the best customer services.


yupapa website

  • loaded tiki via FTP
  • inexpensive linux web hosting plans
  • very attentive support
  • no transfer limit
  • php5 and perl
  • webmail (Neomail)
    Added by wysiwyg 7 April, 2006


  • __http://www.webhostone.de/
    added 15 Jan 2008 by Minuet Internet Services
  • I am currently running Tiki 1.9.9 that i migrated from another host (1blu) in webhostone's "Basic 300" package. It runs fantastically fast, no more script timeouts. Webspace is sufficient.
  • 300MB webspace, 2 mySQL databases, PHP5, cronjobs, 25 email accounts, 25GB traffic included
  • 24/7 email support, phone and live chat support
  • only 6 month minumum contract time, not the common two years

Awaiting confirmation:


  • http://www.vistapages.com
  • Vistapages offers one-click TikiWiki install through Fantastico. Plans starting at $6.95 per month, include SSH.


  • http://www.globaltap.com
    Web Hosting starting at $8.75/month. Mention you saw us here for a free Tiki Install.
    added Oct 2004 by Globaltap
    I spotted this in their terms and conditions: Accounts using excessive server resources, to slow or crash a server, will be shut down. Popular BBS, webcams, forums and message board programs are generally not allowed, due to the massive amount of server resources they require. FormMail.pl, FormMail.cgi (we have a formmail script available) phpBB, phpNUKE, Yabb and UBB are strictly prohibited on all user accounts. (postNUKE is allowed) might also be a problem for Tiki
    Read more: http://www.globaltap.com/tos.html
    Updated by Damian

Affordable Quality Hosting (AQHost)

This host offers Tiki installations via Fantastico, albiet it is a bit older than the newest version. (1.8.5) However, certain portions of the Terms of Service prohibit certain features from being used, such as chat.
Plans starting from:

  • 150 MB Webspace
  • 5 GB Bandwitdh
  • PHP 4.3.8
  • MySQL4
  • Perl 5.8.4
    Added September 27, 2005 by musicman2059
    Updated September 27, 2005 by musicman2059


  • GoDaddy does support mysql and php in their basic plan, but does not support the larger php memory requirement. They will want you to be on their deluxe plan or better.
    petehoffswell Jan 2005
  • I successfully installed TW 3.0 on godaddy in May 2009 on their least expensive linux hosting service ($4.99/mo); install said the memory limit was 64MB. They also allow custom php.ini which purportedly would customize memory limit if needed.
    commania May 2009
  • Finally got into the nuts and bolts of my TW 3.4 app, and uh oh, I couldn't get registration email to work on GoDaddy. Found another post there (August 2009) with same issue, no responses. No help from GoDaddy, so I'd say this is still "Unconfirmed" at best. And I'm about to punt and go elsewhere.
    commania March 3, 2010
  • I was able to figure out part of the email trouble with Godaddy sending out registration emails with version 4.2. (And many other emails as well) This should apply to several other hosting providers as well. They are blocking any {$mail_PARAMETERS} being used in the subject line of the email due to SPAM issues. Edit each of the templates in /tikiwiki-4.2/templates and saving them to /tikiwiki-4.2/templates/styles/YOURSTYLE/mail removing any {$mail_PARAMETERS} from within the templates with the word 'subject' in their file name before installing. After it is installed select the appropriate theme in Admin. Placing them in a custom style directory will make for smoother upgrades. (If your site is already installed you may want to backup your tikiwiki-4.2/templates_c directory and then remove all the files except the index.php. (Be sure to backup, in the process of troubleshooting this issue I had to restore the "en^%%XXXX%%tiki-adminusers.tpl.php" to have access to the "Users" menu at one point.) The site should regenerate the cached copies of the templates on its own? Once I did this I was able to successfully receive the registration emails. This was probably an unnecessary step, but I didn't want to wait to see if it would regenerate the correct cached copy. PLEASE NOTE: We aren't out of the woods here yet. I'm not able to send account verification emails from within the Users configuration. (I'm not getting any php errors either, yet I did with the new registration issues.) I'll post a fix if I find one.
    Michael Oxendine northshorepc.net May 23, 2010
  • I was able to install v. 5.0 successfully. I have some problems as I mentioned here, but I am not sure if it is related to godaddy yet. We are using it as an internal wiki so I haven't really testing the emailing functionality yet.
    ndilekli August 14, 2010

Tiki Unfriendly hosts

Hosting offers that Tiki will not run on
Some hostings usually free or cheap have a too small configuration for tiki. Usually, you notice that by having a white page or a page partially displayed (don't mislead with the left col bug)) and sometimes with no message.

1and1 free hosting

  • I ran a Tiki 5.x install here for a couple years (2010-2012) without issue.

bodhost cloud computing


  • I've been having major problems with oneandone.co.uk. under the professional hosting package, memory limit is 40MB but, as above, php is installed as CGI so very poor to broken performance - white pages or "out of dynamic memory" errors as noted above. Annoying since I've only just moved to this better hosts from web-mania who are much cheaper and very tikiwiki friendly, although the tech support is rubbish. See below. Russ Wilde

1und1 DE

  • Similar problems with the german stem of this company, which I just thought I'd add for completeness 1und1.de same deal as above apparently. ''
    added by Russ Wilde
    March 2004''
  • I have several Tikis from 3.2 to 6.0 tested on a 1und.de managed Webserver.
  1. everything works fine and installation is made in some minutes, once you know some little trick, how to install
    -> just add local.php manually in /db (mind: $host_tiki='localhost:/tmp/mysql5.sock';), add $api_tiki='adodb'; in the local.php and parse PHP5 with AddType x-mapp-php5 .php and ''AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php in the .htaccess
    -> then install with tiki-install.php
    I have never problems since we found that solution
    Once confirmed with a shared hosting account, I will move to friendly hosts
    added by Torsten Fabricius
    November 2010


  • used "homepage unlimited", their medium price hosting. It included 1500 MB webspace, 15 MySQL database, unlimited traffic, but having installed Tikiwkik 1.9.9 and using only one of the available 15 databases with a 30 people community i got database connection timeouts and php script timeouts on a regular basis. complained several times, nothing changed. So on 1Blu you could run a tikiwiki, but i add it here because the performance is so annyoingly low i lost most of my community because they got annoyed by the site, lost posts, etc. and the contract time for 1Blu is 2 years that you are stuck with them.


15 Apr 2010

  • Greengeeks.com will kill your site if it uses more than 6sec of CPU time in any 60second interval. Seems that tiki-index.php can do this and then the site is taken offline with no warning and it can take 24hrs or more to get it back. I don't recommend this hosting service to anyone!


  • Lycos, or more exactly, the free version (the German version, but this is applicable to co.uk etc. as well) is unfortunately not tikifriendly. It lacks PEAR support, and the manual install in the /lib folder won´t work as various functions, i.e. url_fopen, are deactivated. The PEAR web installer doesn´t work, furthermore register_globals is on as well as safe_mode, which makes it even more difficult. On install adodb didn´t work either.
    added April 2004 by Leonard


  • Memory limit is reported as only being 8Mb, this has caused problems for a Tiki site and the installation had to be moved to another host. Please confirm before ordering that PHP memory limit is either 16Mb or 32Mb - Added 12 June 2004
    I have removed web-mania from this page after I investigated this, see this conversation. RW


  • As of March 2005, Powweb have upgraded to MySQL 4.1 leaving our tiki sites broke 🙁 which is a shame as otherwise their offering is good.


  • http://www.iTeam.net
  • See http://www.iTeam.net $5/mo. Fantastico, cpanel, Linux
    added Jul 2005 by rjlabs
    moved from Friendly Hosts to Unfriendly Hosts Nov 2005 by Io
  • Constantly his servers falls down and no warning about this and, not a good service. Bad argumentations about his falls, and a poor MySQL server performance. Tiki runs very bad here. I lost a year of payed host with this guys. My Money Back Guarantee end at 30 days of contract and the disaster comes after this time and the admin complain about "bad software code" (aka TIKIWIKI) to excuse about his low performance, when this warning could be set in the 1st month of contract. A total bad experience.
    update Nov 2005 by rjlabs
  • I now agree with Io. The price is low $4/mo but the downtime is huge! Basic Apache/email uptime is acceptable but mySQL/PHP performance is horrible!!! Five request for service messages not returned for over a week now. I can't even get a 50 unit newsletter emailing out! NO ACCESS TO php.ini!


The ovh Pro hosting http://www.ovh.com/fr/

  • Be careful that even if they offer svn they do not allow you to svn with sourceforge
  • the max_allowed_packet is fixed to 64M and you can not change it

Network Solutions

I've had a domain registered with Network Solutions for years and decided to stay with them when putting up a Tiki Wiki site. While I was able to get Tiki Wiki running the performance was so bad that I canceled the order within a week.

  • http://www.networksolutions.com/
  • They have several different options with both Windows and Unix hosting
  • I went with a Large site configuration on Unix and a 3 year contract.
  • The only positive experience was the ability to add php.ini to cgi_bin, which allowed a site specific configuration.
  • There were very little tools and scripts available. File Manager, phpmysqladmin, and FTP are pretty much it.
  • They have scripts to install Tiki Wiki but it's the 3.2 LTS version. This was one of the reasons I decided to go with them, but I installed 6.2 instead of using their script.
  • Performance was HORRIBLE! average access time was 8-10 seconds with 15+ seconds fairly common. Just going back to the home page would usually take 10 seconds.
  • They have a 30 day money back guarantee - but it's not a full refund. I cancelled within 5 days and only got back %80 of what I paid for the 3 year contract.

The fact that they listed Tiki Wiki and had the guarantee were primary reasons I went with them without checking other hosting options. However, the performance was SO BAD that it was unbearable. I tried a lot of different things from gzip compression to caching to try and improve performance, but nothing helped.

After cancelling I switched to Beachcomber.net (top of this list) and am extremely happy with them. They have a lot of hosting options, 10x more tools, and 50x more scripts than Network Solutions, and performance is GREAT! Average access time is around 1 second and I'm very happy I made the switch.

Added by Lynx28 April 14, 2011


Not interested in hosting a Tiki. Have a lot of the tools available but I guess I need to find another host.

Added by Maggie Ann on 30/10/16


FYI on the documentation side in French, there is a list of many more host providers.

Please add your host and your experience!

don't forget date, source and offer (a hosting can improve his offer)


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