codeFest PHP Quebec 2.1


May 16th-18th 2008


  • Montréal, Canada and online

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"Codefest" or "Tikifest" events generally have the following goals:

  1. To raise awareness amongst the broader coder community of selected projects/topics.
  2. To increase volunteer participation in these projects and train new coders.
  3. To network with users to discuss how to meet real user requirements.
  4. To actually code something during the event.

The only difference between a "Codefest" and a "Tikifest" is that the latter is more focused on wikis, while the first could be on more general web content management or Web 2.0.

For example, at the January 08 Codefest held in Montreal, the topics were "Microformats" and "Wiki Translation". For Microformats, a number of CMS added or enhanced support for it, and support for hCalendar was added to TikiWiki. For "Wiki Translation", we had a workshop to define user requirements and the overall plan of the project.

Reports of that event: Montreal Tech Watch - Microformats Montreal Tech Watch - Wiki Translation

Target audience

  • All TikiWiki community members within driving distance of Montréal
  • If you are not yet using TikiWiki but curious/interested as to how it could be a good tool for you, this is a great opportunity to get lots of answers from a bunch of fun people smile




  • Wiki translation (Alain, Louis-Philippe, Nelson, Dexter, Seb)
  • Social networking / hospitality network functionality: Crash at mine / www.Nomadics.IT TikiWiki integration (Morgan, Nelson)
  • Kei.ki migration (Evan, MAJ, Zach, ochoha, Seb)
  • Getting started coding in TikiWiki (Eclipse, setting up dev environment), nelson, alain, evan, morgan, Yan, Sébastien
  • TikiWiki configuration (ex.: how to active X) Marc, Yan, Regis, Evan
  • Improve & add support for a few more microformats (Yan, Marc)
  • Take a group picture with the EContent Top 100 plaque (everyone!)
  • Bibliography management (ex.: EndNote) for researchers (Marc, Régis, Yan, Seb, Reiner)
  • Plan for improving project management in TikiWiki (Régis, Marc, Cyrille)
  • Managing XML in TikiWiki for re-use by external apps (Marc)
  • 1.10 planning : (Nelson, Marc)
  • Template integration (Marc, alain, yan, evan)
  • Security script (Nelson, Marc)
  • Improving the public face of TikiWiki (Régis, Marc)


Confirmed in Montréal

Confirmed online


  • Marc Laporte,Montréal,
  • Nelson Ko, Ottawa
  • Alain Désilets
  • Yan Levasseur
  • Louis Philippe Huberdeau
  • Régis Barondeau
  • Dexter Lei
  • Evan Prodromou
  • Sébastien Paquet
  • Morgan Tocker
  • Zach Copley
  • MAJ
  • Ochoha
  • Stéphane Daury
  • André Proulx
  • Sébastien Lord-Jetté
  • Robert Biddle
  • Sunir Shah
  • Bob Acton
  • David Millar
  • Reiner Banken
  • Philippe Gamache
  • You?

Pre-event todo

  • List on calendars and invite all groups from Montreal & Quebec city (Marc)
  • List on calendars and invite all groups from Ottawa (Nelson)
  • List on calendars and invite all groups from Toronto (Mike P)
  • Using Tiki Maps, identify all Tikiwiki.org users within 500 km of Montreal (Franck) and invite them (Marc)



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