TikiFest is a tradition in the TikiWiki community. A TikiFest is when there is a meeting between at least 2 TikiWiki contributors that don't meet usually. This is an occasion usually for drinking adult beverages getting laptops out and coding wildly in group sessions discussing about wiki technology and culture etc. depending the mood and context. It is a great opportunity for Tiki users and Tiki power users to meet some of the developers and learn more stuff biggrin




5 days: FEB27, FEB28, MAR01, MAR02, MAR03, 2009 (in conjunction with the PHP Québec conference), where Alexander 'amette' Mette is going to present The virtualized server infrastructure of the TikiWiki community.


Offices of CGCOM.
85, Saint-Paul Street West, suite 240
Montréal, Québec H2Y 3V4



The event will be organized around 4 main groups. You may join one or many groups to help out. Or you can create a new group or work on your own project.

Marketing, Communication and Documentation

This group is responsible to attract people to our project.

Out-of-the-box experience

Once marketing attracted people to our project, this group is responsible for making TikiWiki easy to use for new comers.

Development, release & packaging

This group is responsible for making sure version 3.0 is released on time and has the best/most features with the fewest possible bugs.

  • Daily releases, branching, etc.
  • Bug fixing

Sites & infrastructure

This group, also known as the DogFood group is responsible for making sure all the *.tiki.org sites & tool are running smoothly and helping the community be better organized.

Basic work
  • amette gives an introduction to the new server infrastructure of doc/dev.tw.o.
  • As jyhem and nkoth, who are planned as amette's backups are around, we are going to have a session about the setup
    • maintenance, upgrades, etc.
    • discussion of escalation paths and basic organization of system administration
  • Upgrade dev.tiki.org, doc.tiki.org, etc. sites to 3.0
  • Migration of themes.tw.o to the setup
  • writing documentation of the setup on sysadm.tw.o
Enable the community
  • What does the community need to work with the sites?!?
    • e.g.: ricks99 asked for an FTP-upload, because he used it on the old doc.tw.o site. This is a feature - but what is the process he wants to enable?!?
    • For themes.tw.o in particular, a way is needed to install theme files on the site (not just the bundled themes, but new alternative themes as they are made). FTP has been used for this in the past. (chibaguy)
  • Improve community coordination tools like irc.tiki.org


The schedule is pretty loose. Come when you want. Add to the schedule below if you want to present/work on particular stuff

Friday Feb 27th 9h->17h 9h Opening & introductions
11h Presentation by Alain Désilets about Tests (50min)
14h Conference call about TikiWiki and terminology
Saturday Feb 28th 9h->17h 11h Conference call about Quicktags/Toolbars (Jonny) + discussion on Jquery
In the afternoon, we'll join the people at free hackers a few miles away This event is next Saturday.
Nuit blanche à Montréal / Montreal All-Nighter
Sunday March 1st 9h->17h
17h-> Social outing
Monday March 2nd 10h->17h 14h Implementation of project management tools (Use Case) with Eric Kelner
- Work Breakdown Structure
- Gantt Chart (Scheduling tool)
- Earned Value Method
17h-> Social outing
Tuesday March 3rd 9h->17h 13h-16h Dev structure & Community organization and priorities
16h-17h Introduction to TikiWiki (come if you have questions for TikiWiki experts)
17-20h Open Tikifest cocktail Party to the larger open source & open knowledge community in Montreal and participants to the 2009 PHP Quebec Conference. Facebook page about the event

To be scheduled:

  • Presentation about TikiSports team management system built from trackers (no custom code) by Sébastien: http://goblitzgo.com/

Release Party

Technical release of Tiki 3.0! and Plan Tiki 4.0: please see RoadMap


This will be, by far, the largest TikiFest ever organized. If you can make it to one per year, this is the one!


Name From Accomodation Note
Marc Laporte Montreal
Patrice Weber
France confirmed
Jean-Marc Libs
France Arranged confirmed
24/02 afternoon -> 04/03 morning
Louis-Philippe Montreal
Nelson (nkoth) Toronto/Ottawa will figure something will arrive on 27.2 afternoon
Amette Germany 26.02-02.03. at Casa de ))LaPorte(( and 03.- 07.03. in conference hotel
Philippe (Thunderbird) Sherbrooke
Gary Cunningham-Lee (chibaguy) Chiba, Japan Arranged
Olaf-Michael Stefanov (omstefanov) Vienna Austria Hope to meet and work with developers interested in developing Multilingual features (esp. adding multilingualism to Surveys (!) or someone can help get me started doing this. Meanwhile, confirmed at PHP Conf. Hotel. confirmed: 26.02. - 08.03.
Sébastien Lord-Jetté (CGCOM, TikiWiki profile) Montreal confirmed FEB27, MAR02, MAR03
Martin ComeauQuébec, CanadaHôtel Le Fort 27, afternoon till March 1st, noon.
Régis BarondeauMontréal 27.02 am, 28.02 to 03.03
Patricia CampbellMontréal 28.02, 02.03, ??03.03
Seb PaquetMontréal 27.02
Nora StambouliehMontréal 28.02

Add your name here!


Name From Note
Alain Désilets Gatineau Only on he 27th, and only if I can work with folks interested in Testing or Multilingual Content on that day.
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Distant Participants

Name From Note
luci Czech Republic via IRC and webcam
xavi Catalonia, Spain via IRC and webcam
jonny Hexham, UK occasionally
wikiman San Antonio, TX USA occasionally
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Distant Participants


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Video Clips


Gallery: Tikifest Montreal 2009


  • coffee + cups, drinks, donuts for morning
  • Plan & send invites for open party (Tuesday evening)
  • Nelson will bring second projector (CGCOM has one too)
  • Need to figure out who is in charge of streaming- Gary
    • Need to buy anything? Ambient mic? lent by Martin Comeau

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