"Central European Summer Time" TikiFest 2015

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Polom Tiki.org! A "greeting card" from the TikiFest :-)


This TikiFest happened in the week between July 4th (Saturday) and 12th (Sunday) 2015.

Below follows the log of stuff as it happened:


Preliminary schedule:

  • Saturday 4th - Arrivals (who comes earlier will have time for sightseeing/walk in Prague with us) and later in the day departure by train to final destination - alternatively you can arrive on Thursday/Friday already and book a hotel/hostel in Prague; then go with us on Saturday
  • Sunday 5th - "Aclimatization" and resting day after all the travelling in the TikiHouse + planning details for the upcoming week
  • ...
  • Thursday 9th - Tiki presentation to public in Polička at the Pontopolis o.s. (NGO) center (first public presentation of the project in Czech Republic afaik )
  • Friday and Saturday evening - festing at the Colourmeeting Festival
  • Sunday 12th - Final day - departures to Prague, etc.

Detailed Schedule

All times in CEST!
If you are in Japan/Thailand: add 7h
If you are in Sao Paulo: subtract 5h
If you are in US Eastern: subtract 6h
If you are in US Central: subtract 7h

Virtual Whiteboard

We are experimenting with Together JS simultaneous edit. Give it a try at TikiFestCEST-whiteboard. We'll also be projecting the actual whiteboard via a camera.

Sunday 5th July

Recording of agenda construction session
1500 - 1800 Planning of detailed schedule for the rest of the week

Remote participants -> Please be at this session if you wish to be part of the schedule creation process. Or if you absolutely cannot be available at this time but still want to be consulted, please make arrangements with one of the in-person attendees to be your liaison/point of contact there

Monday 6th July

1000 - 1230: info.tiki.org Planning Discussion Recording of info.tiki.org planning discussion)
1430 - 1600: Bootstrap Navbar Discussion Recording of Bootstrap Navbar discussion
1600 - 1800: Nelson, Jean-Marc and Luci to prepare for public presentation.

Tuesday 7th July

Note change of schedule

1100 - 1400: Add-ons presentation (Nelson - Organic Groups) and Q+A Presentation about Addons and Organic Groups
1500 - 1800: Trip to Polom and Kaňon quarry lake swimming near Leštinka u Skutče
post 1800: Add-ons hacking.

Wednesday 8th July

1100 - 1200: CRM and what we can learn from Atlassian JIRA (Gezza) (No recording due to customer confidentiality reasons)
1200 - 1330: PluginList and PluginCustomsearch presentation and Q+A (reminder to Nelson show new articles listing and tpls) Recording of PluginList and Q and A
1500 - 1800: D3.js presentation and follow-up discussion, follow up discussion on UX/UI dashboard (drag and drop etc). Recording of D3.js presentation and discussion

Thursday 9th July

1100 - 1330: Client-side "local storage" and general JS
1500 - 1600: Docker-based (and generally VM based turnkey installers of Tiki, eg. turnkeylinux)
1800: Presentation in Policka about Tiki

Friday 10th July

1100 - 1600: Working on tiki.org sites (and any followup discussion on that), include implementing registration spam protection and user feedback/welcome.
1600: Head out to local music festival

Saturday 11th July

1100 - 1400: Any other business, followed by heading out to local music festival


In central Europe, Czech Republic, the "Highlands" area near the beautiful walled town Polička ( see: https://www.google.com/search?q=město+Polička or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polička and https://maps.google.com/maps?q=Polička ). Some tourism info here: http://www.czechtourism.com/t/policka/

Remote participants -> https://tiki.org/live, or if you don't see us there, look in Connecting+To+IRC



First session - tiki.org planning meetin
Torsten dreaming of Tiki
The bus stop at Polom
First evening
Courtyard Session - Day 2
Torsten and Nia
Jonny and Torsten
Polom photo session
Going swimming
We met Bernard...


  • How to improve bug reports, bug fixing and development workflow using team notifications
  • Tiki Theming and best practices
    • Bootstrap as used in Tiki
  • Advanced usage of Tiki Plugins especially Plugin LIST training (Jonny?)
    • Please yes +1
  • Code sprint to finalize the Tiki 14 and 15 Bootstrapizing ?
  • Some Tiki promotion for central Europe / Czech Republic people ?
    • We can book local club (need to check soon if it is still free in that week) in theater for $50-150 USD for a public presentation(s) of Tiki - details: http://www.divadelniklub.cz/o-klubu/ (czech, Kč 1000 (CZK) ~= $50 USD) Alternatively we could will do just a small one in local Library, Museum or Pontopolis Center...
  • Some nature trip(s) and/or sightseeing to clear our heads off the code
  • Lot of freshly milled coffee and local brewery beers! ;-)
  • In the end of the week there is two day multicultural music festival we can visit and enjoy: http://www.colourmeeting.cz/?_=en
  • If there is interest, Jyhem could make a half-day crash course on Tiki-D3.js integration. If even more interest, we might brainstorm about D3.js Tiki plugins for pie charts or bar charts (this latter part would certainly be best after pluginList training or where would the data come from?)
    • Cool, +1!
      Yeah +100 !
  • Tiki.org sites rejuvenation
    • Upgrade info.tw.org to Tiki 14
    • Plan and do some content reorganization
    • Implement and enhance Organic Groups Addon
    • Plan and enhance streamlined notifications
  • Possible topics for discussion/action:
    • Making the site header (navbar) more responsive - strategies to feature-ize easy site header/navbar admin. Can the "super-module fluffy" do it? Or is some template revision needed? Can multiple menus be combined, or alternative menu types be available ("slidebars")?
    • Should dropdowns of all menus open on hover rather than click? (So Bootstrap and Superfish menus behave the same.)
  • gezzaz topics:
    • discuss about moving to Zend Framework 2 (also ZF3 comes soon)
    • how to have a drag&drop, visual, easy-to-use tracker screen editor, screen schemes, etc using bootstrap grid, listplugin and other tools already in Tiki
    • CRM as an addon
    • dashboards/metrics/reports
    • translation via transifex and turn languages into addons
    • addon "marketplace" (maybe create addon.tiki.org)
  • more ideas welcome! ...

What power plugs are used in Czech Republic

CRW 9554 CRW 9555 CRW 9556

What we need to figure out

  • data projector (to be borrowed or gezza can bring one if he comes)
  • white board
  • do we need to buy/borrow a coffee machine or a couple of french-presses will make it?
  • Torsten will bring the Tiki banner
  • Tiki shirts are on the way! (thanks Marc)

Lost & Founds

Some left-overs after the TikiFest. Add your name if you are missing them ;)

  • CocaCola zero AutoGrill limited edition thermo bottle
  • Dark grey long sleeve t-shirt


People confirmed

  • luci (the organizer)
  • Jean-Marc Libs
    • Arriving by plane early afternoon on Thursday the 2nd, staying in Prague Thu & Fri, return flight Sunday 12th evening
  • Jonny Bradley Booked! mrgreen
    • Arriving late on Thursday the 2nd, staying in Prague Thu & Fri, return flight Sunday 12th evening
  • Nelson Ko Wife is coming along so I won't stay at the TikiHouse. We will come to the Tiki house (should be there around noon, but will call before coming so don't worry if you are out for lunch or whatever) from Prague on Sunday morning, should be there before noon, and will leave on the next Sunday back to Prague.
  • amette
  • Torsten Fabricius likely coming Saturday night / Sunday morning and leaving Thursday afternoon (depending on train connections Prgue-Polička-Prague (booking bus next Monday) booked :-D !.
    need D3.js and LIST enlightenment and am highly interested in getting tiki.org landing page and info.tiki.org sorted
    is it possible to schedule these topics to Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday 1st half?
    • yes, we will definitely plan that on Sunday — luci
  • gezza 99.9%, will come by car on Sunday, will try to get there by 15:00. Will have to leave wednesday evening. Can bring projector for these days but can't leave it there :-)
    • Great! No need to bring the projector, we will have one - you can bring it only if you like to offer it as a backup one (in case something happens). Thanks! —
  • ...
  • add yourself by writing your username one line above


People interested

  • Frank Guthausen depending on job situation
  • ...
  • add yourself by writing your username one line above

People participating remotely


How to get there, etc.
If we all meet in Prague, there is no worries how to get there as we will go by train all together most probably.
Anyway, we can add some tips how to get there for the adventure souls who wish to get to the destination on their own ;)


  • International flights to Prague, Vaclav Havel (formerly Ruzyně) airport. luci can pick up people at the airport if the timetable of ppl's arrivals is reasonable. (As everyone seems to come on their own and stay few days in Prague prior to going to TikiFest, luci will not pick up ppl at the airport). See Prague section below on how to get to the center and around.
  • For People coming from Europe, here are some travelling options:
    • Bus (cheaper) to Prague (or Brno - luci can pick up people only in one place though, so Prague seems the most probable destination for abroad people ;-))
    • Train (more comfortable) to Prague (or Brno, same note as above)
    • Own car or bike (Torsten ? ;-))


To move in Prague (you will need some little cash probably so maybe first get some CZK (Czech crowns or Kč), especially to get from the airport (There should be some ATMs at the Airport at gate D (Terminal 1).):


Pre-TikiFest (Prague)

Some people will come 1-2 days early so lets put some accomodation options for Prague here...

TikiFest (Polička)

There will be one shared "TikiHouse" in a village close to Polička at least for up to around 6-8 people available. Other options depend on the number of participants.
For people preferring hotels and other sort of accommodation, here are some local options:

  • http://www.upurkmistra.cz/en/
  • http://www.penzionotakar.cz/en/index.php
  • http://www.ubytovani-fortna.cz/ (CZ only)
  • http://parkany.cz/ubytovani/ (CZ only)
  • http://penzionnachalupe.cz/ubytovani.php (CZ only - this is closest to the TikiHouse)
  • http://www.penzion239.cz/ (CZ only)
  • http://www.penzionadela.cz/ (CZ only)
  • http://www.ubytovani-policka.cz/ubytovani/ (CZ only)
  • http://www.hotelopus.cz/ (Google Translate option)
  • http://www.aldamobil.cz/informace-o-ubytovani (CZ only, in private)
  • http://ubytovani-policka.mypage.cz/menu/domovska-stranka (CZ only, in private)
  • http://ubytovani-policka.sweb.cz/ (CZ only, in private)

(if you need translation help, please contact me — )


Central European Summer Time TikiFest 2015

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