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TikiFest Hungary 2016


23rd to 29th of August 2016


Meetup with old and new friends of the Tiki Community, work together on Tiki marketing and branding (and possibly some bugfixing, yay!) and have a great time in one of the most famous cities of Europe.

Group photo besides the parliament

What to bring

For yourself

Equipment for the TikiFest

what who
Tiki Banner Torsten
Plastic posters Jyhem
t-shirts luci (some left-overs after TikiFestCEST)
Power cords and multiple plugs

What we are missing actually

  • Whiteboard
  • HDMI cable


In Hungary they use Hungarian Forints there:
1.00 USD = 280.809 HUF
1.00 EUR = 311.039 HUF
Make your own approximate conversion here: http://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=EUR&To=HUF


Budapest, Hungary
17427362234 79850cea1e K

Maps and Address

There is a 2 bedroom + living room apartment with 3 double beds (6 persons) available for free in the city center. It should be reserved and paid using Airbnb, but I will refund the whole amount.
Additional accommodation can be arranged, but it will cost money.

Travel (long distance / local)

By plane: Liszt Ferenc Airport: pick a taxi (should costs you max 30 EUR) or an airport shuttle (http://bud.hu)
By train: Keleti train station - take the Red metro line (M2) until "Deák Ferenc tér" station. From there the apartment is about 5 minutes walk.
By car:

  • luci is offering shared car ride (max +3 persons, to keep it comfortable) if any of the participants stops by or comes to his place - otherwise, luci will go by train
  • @gezza: are there any free parking possibilities nearby the place of the TikiFest location?
    • @luciash d' being 🧙: No free parking near the apartmenet. You can park on the street, but you have to pay 440 HUF/Hour (around 1,3EUR) or you can you use a parking company garage in a nearby street (http://www.ezparkbudapest.com/parking/opera-parking). Another option is that we park your car a bit further at a free space, than take my car to go to the apartment.
      • @gezza: thanks, I will go by train then probably as it seems


status: confirmed, interested, remote

Gezza c x x
luci c 24th
29th https://igg.me/at/lucigoestotikifest
Torsten c x x
amette c 23. 29.
Jean-Marc c 23th
BUD airport


There are some open co-working spaces near the accommodation

Day Morning Afternoon
Wednesday Planning Git (Office) https://dev.tiki.org/What+ToDo+When+Migrating+To+Git
Thursday Marketing (Office) Security (Office)
Friday Transifex ( CoWorking space) MeetUp, Tagline shortlist, Tiki cube
Saturday Sight Seeing Sight Seeing
Sunday Bathing Bathing, Group Picture


The first ever TikiFest in Hungary took place in Budapest at the end of August with lots of good food, beer, sigthseeing and of course a little bit of Tiki work focusing on git, marketing, security and transifex translations.


Some of the results:

  • git worfklow proposal: https://dev.tiki.org/Git+Workflow
  • product name proposal: Tiki CMS Tiki Cms Logo
  • the proposed colorful Tiki cube: Tiki Cube Colored V8
  • new command-line option for setup.sh for different php version

The crew spent quite some time in the famous bath relaxing and trying to come up with a smart, attractive tagline with little success, the proposal list just got even longer :-)
Read more here: https://tiki.org/Tagline+Shortlist
Tikifest Hu 2016 Szechenyi Bath

Also the first Tiki Budapest Meetup took place!
Tikifest Hu 2016 Meetup

See you next year!
Tikifest Hu 2016 See You


Few more pics to dogfood the Masonry Layout Grid:

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