Thank you ...

... for attending this great event. We have been 5 Tikians in Bonn (Jean-Marc, Frank, Nelson, Mette and Torsten) plus Xavi attending online most of the day on Friday. We have been quite efficient in identifying and discussing main issues around the Tiki community servers and the Tiki community websites, concluding and agreeing immediate actions and where appropriate preparing suggestions to the community.

Saturday and Sunday we attended the FROSCON 2014 in Bonn, where we had a small Tiki booth for the second time now and besides other activities continued SysAdmin work. It turned out, that the FrOSCon end of August is a good occation for a TikiFest in Germany and thus we will attend the FrOSCon 2015 and add this event as a fixed record to our Tiki events schedule.


SysAdmin meeting and workshop

FrOSCon booth, lectures and party

Further info

  • TikiFest in the Rhein-Ruhr-Area of Germany in Bonn August 2014, prior and whilst the FrOSCon 2014 with the option to visit the OpenSym / WikiSym in Berlin in the following week (contact Torsten or Frank if you want assistance or info for OpenSym attending)

  • Friday: TikiFest mainly to identify and isort the main issues of Tiki community websites/servers related system administrations issues.


personfrom / to
ametteBonn Thur 21st / Mon 25th
TorstenBonn Thur 21st / Mon 25th
FrankBonn Thur 21st / Mon 25th
Nelson Bonn Thur 21st / Mon 25th
JyhemBonn Thur 21st / Mon 25th
XaviOnline on Friday 22nd

Topics for organization

  • Date of event
  • Budget open (Citadelrock offer)
  • Sponsoring
  • Participants need to be clarified
    please update lists above
  • Travelling <- info here on the page
  • Accomodation <- BaseCamp
  • Meeting location <=> accommodation = Hackspace = BaseCamp
  • Internet access <- free wireless in the BaseCamp and in the FrOSCon plus LTE organised by Frank the LTE was an option organized by Frank and Michael, but Michael will not be able to attend
  • other
    • spare time activities (forest walking, pubs) <- will have to be aggreed spontaneously, but options are:

    a trip to cologne to visit the famous cathedral and go to pubs to drink "Kölsch" until the next morning
    a boat cruise on the river rhine <- not really inexpensive
    swimming pool nearby the BaseCamp
    BBQ every evening apart from Cologne trip and apart from Saturdays party at the FrOSCon !!!

Major topics for SysAdmins

  • Improving show.tiki.org
    • Process for updating available versions not defined
  • The future of hosting of *.tiki.org sites
  • tiki.org emails
    • Frank sets up new mail.tiki.org server
  • Making Tiki hosting more straightforward for customers
    • Cloud-based-friendliness
    • Logging of SMTP and logging to pipe
  • Standard procedures for server management (currently tiki.org is different than dev.tiki.org)
    • complete unification is not realistic or even beneficial
    • more communication like SysAdmin-Blog makes more sense
  • Monitoring and alerts
    • public dashboard to see all services and acknowledgements
      • stop-gap-solution: add HTTP checks for all subdomains to a tiki user in icinga
      • future: reactivate shinken
  • Testing on pre-dogfood servers
    • profiles stays on 9LTS
    • downgrade edu.t.o to 12LTS
    • when theme ready and approved, upgrade info.t.o to 13
    • i18n has to be latest always
    • info, themes and all minor sites need discussion before upgrades
    • release process upgrade cycle: dev, doc, community
    • prioritise development for Tiki 14 - self-contained themes unpacking
  • Tiki Console
    • silence RSS importer for cron - recode that with setVerbosity instead of custom --cron switch
  • CommunityCoordinationPlanning

Major topics for FrOSCon

  • Tiki-Booth
  • Beer and Food and Party at Saturday <-> a selforganising system



Key people

  • Torsten (gardener, community management, organisator)
  • Frank (SysAdmin, community management, organisator)
  • Nelson (project admin)
  • Changi (SysAdmin, project admin)
  • Amette (SysAdmin)
  • Eric (SysAdmin)
  • Oliver (SysAdmin, project admin)
  • Pascal (SysAdmin)
  • Jorn (SysAdmin)
  • Jyhem (SysAdmin, project admin)

Other people

  • Pete J. (SysAdmin?)
  • Carsten (Dev)

Interested to attend remotely

  • Xavi (SysAdmin, project admin)


We will stay in the BaseCamp Bonn, Germany for the whole week (or weekend, depending on how long you can stay).

The cost is
28 Euro / night per person for a twobed sleeper-train compartment or
38 Euro / night, if you prefer not to share, but take the room alone.

Please contact Torsten prior to booking, for coordination, as for example we try to get a few compartments near each other an we already pre-booked for the TikiFestDevOps.

For the DevOps there was a funding suggested by Citadelrock (BaseCamp as TikiHouse), so in this respect it is important aswell, that you contact Torsten prior to booking. <- Thank you guys!!

+! Travel

Airport Cologne-Bonn CGN - mainly for Nelson


The Airport Cologne-Bonn (CGN) is 13km southeast of Cologne and 16km north of Bonn. It has a railway station below the terminal with connection to the regional and to the long distance net of the german railway "Bahn".
The travel center of the Bahn with information desk and ticket shelter is in terminal 2 near the arrival area.

The recommended connection to Bonn city centre:
In front of terminal 1 and 2 (between paking area P1 and P2) you find the bus stops!
Use the Shuttlebus (Schnellbus SB 60) to Bonn/Hauptbahnhof. This line connects the airport with the city centre evry 30 minutes.

Use the railway station below the terminals and get to the line Regionalexpress RE 8 until Bonn Beuel and from there the tram Stadtbahn Linie 62 until Bonn/Hauptbahnhof (main train station).


Tiki Fest SysAdmin

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