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Fixed the rewrite rules a bit, primarily by trial and error, based on http://tikiwiki.org/SEFURLs - Having a "slash" in beginning of the the rewriterule didn't work,
is this an apache2 thing maybe? Don't think spacing in Wiki names will work yet either.
FunkyPenguin 2004-07-01
You can now find SEF URL mod in the mods.tiki.org file gallery

A very wise post from Loyd Wood :

For the upcoming version, you say:
"Search-engine friendliness: Re-write rules added so your Tiki objects can be accessed in a search-engine friendly way"

What would it take to provide better naming of tiki pages?
is far better expressed as

so that e.g. google can pick up on the individual words and index them with high priority. Most 80sTrendyAppleCaps wikis fare badly in search engines as a result; the hyphenated form should imo be the default, and that would work better with typos and Apache's mod_speling too.


Loyd: I think spaces are now supported in object names, so: wiki/Random+Subject+Name
SEWilco 2004-04-14

Disable the re-writes in a directory

You can disable the re-writes in a directory by dropping in an .htaccess file containing the following:

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<IfModule mod_rewrite.c> RewriteEngine Off </IfModule>

As you probably know, this affects all sub directories.

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