This page is a place for people to attach exports of their Tracker information. Since Trackers are a big and complex concept, the learning curve to use them can be prohibitive. It is hoped that a "repository" of pre-built trackers can save new administrators time and hassle because they can reuse someone else's work.

How to Use

If you're a Tracker Admin and have created some sort of Tracker to do a job, then please use the Import/Export feature to grab a textual copy of the fields your tracker uses. Paste these into a text file and attach the file to this page (adding a suitable description, and if you application is on the public Internet, perhaps a link to it as well?).

If you're new to trackers and want to create some sort of application, take a look here and see if someone has attached something close to your needs. If so, you may be able to import their application and modify it for your exact needs. To do this, save the text file and open it, cut and paste the contents into the "import/export" facility of your tracker.

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