I am a network administrator in Detroit. Been here all my life. Traveled to Germany numerous times and wish I could live there as a citizen. My mother moved from there at age 18 to the US. Her family still lives there and although the miles are many, the relationships are strong. Since I'm stuck in the city of the rusted auto, I make do with what I can.

In case you wonder how I got my handle... It is derived from a sport game I downloaded (in 1983) for my C-64 from a BBS in europe. The game required a 7 letter player name with the alphabet in a star pattern on the screen. I leaned the joystick to the right and fired randomly. E-I-L-O-R-U-X is what it struck on and it's been with me ever since.

I hate my job because of the crap I deal with, with M$FT windows server, client, tablet, PDA, blah blah blah. I am planning on leaving the windows world in 2004 and join up with FreeBSD and Apache.

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