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My name is Norman Daoust. I have been using Tikiwiki and customizing installations for a couple of years now. I have implemented Tikiwiki in to several cool web projects. In some cases I used Tikiwiki for recreational sites and in other cases I have made modifications to the code and used it as a business solution for clients. I am very impressed with Tikiwiki and optimistic about the Tikiwiki project in general. I look forward to the new features and enhancements that the future will hold for Tikiwiki and will try to contribute what I can to the project. Keep up the good work!

Norman Daoust: http://www.normandaoust.ca

ETS Solutions: http://www.etssolutions.ca

Features & updates I would like to work on and/or see developed

  • Link to Create a Wiki Page: Add a link in the application_menu under the Wiki section to create a new Wiki page. The "Create new Wiki page" link could be accomplished simply by including the "quick edit a wiki page" module in the page. This will make it much easier for new users to create a new page (most new users have no idea how to create a new Wiki page, which is one of the most important functions in TikiWiki).

  • Facilitate First Login: Most people who download and successfully install Tiki have no idea that you need to login for the first time as "admin" and that the password is initially set to "admin". I think this is also a pretty serious design flaw that needs to be corrected since new users can be left "hunting" to find out how to login. Why not add some code to the install script to check is the admin has ever logged (to see if it's an upgrade or a new install) and if it's a new install, log the admin in so they are brought to the change password page. How can we do this with some code in the install script in a way that will be secure?

  • TikiWiki version page: I think one of the most important valuable features that could be added to Tikiwiki is an automated update system (see next point). At the very least, the Admin section should include a link to a page called “Version???. This would include the version of Tikiwiki currently running as well as a history of previous update scripts that were run on that system. I suggest a new database table be created to properly track version and update history (instead of just writing the current version in the top bar or header template).

  • TikiWiki version & updates page: Eventually I think it would be immensely useful to have an automated update system that would function in s similar way to operating systems and desktop software: the version page would indicate the current version of Tikiwiki and display whether a new version is available and allow the user to automatically run a system update. The update script would download the new files and install them. Yes this feature would be similar to doing a CVS update on the server but including this functionality inside Tikiwiki would make the update process platform independent.

  • Reset/remove User Theme: Add an option in user preferences to allow user to remove the user theme currently selected and use default system theme. i.e. "Use global theme". This could be done simply by deleting the theme record from user_preferences table in the database.

  • Activating Features with Permissions: We need an easier way to link features with their permissions. New users find it confusing when they activate a feature but it does not work since the permissions are not set. I haven't figured out how the interface should look yet but this is an area that needs attention.

  • TikiWiki version in top bar: Many themes include the version of Tikiwiki in the top bar along with a link to the Tikiwiki web site. This should be made optional. Some users don’t necessarily want this to appear at the top of their site and many users do not know how to edit the template to remove it.

  • Error Trapping & custom error pages - what to do when permission is denied to something: It would be nice to have a mechanism in place to handle permission denied errors for different things. To gain access to a particular page or resource we sometimes want a user to login, to become a registered user, or to contact the admin for permission. It would be nice to be able to select what error page we would like to display in a particular case. e.g. 1. an anonymous user clicks a link to post to a form or edit a page = he/she sees a page to login and a link to register (if registration feature is activated). e.g. 2. a registered user tries to moderate a forum to which he/she does not have permission = he/she sees a link to contact the admin to request permission. etc.

To do: minor Updates to comit to CVS - things I have done but never commited

  • Update the layout of the directory listing templates (tiki-directory_browse.tpl) and make country flag for directory sites optional
  • Add text to the icons on the MyTiki home page (tiki-my_tiki.tpl) and space out the icons for better presentation
  • update CSS style to increase inner padding to wiki content area for several styles.

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