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As Creative Director in the Center for IBM e-business innovation::Milan,
Max combines 16 years of creative advertising and multimedia experience
with practic know-how, working for large customers like IBM, Ideal Standard, Algida,
Solvay, Eni, FedEx, Telecom Italia, Microsoft, Tin.it.
Leading creative business visions to their implementation, his career has followed
the growth of e-business market, from digital branding and e-business transformation.

Previously, Max has been co-founder and creative director of A&P, a creative-boos agency
empowering new business for large advertising agencies as McCann Erickson, Ogilvy & Mather,
JWT, Metropolis, Conquest Europe.


Consulting skills
- Interactive Branding & Design
- Media, communication, advertising
- User experience design
- Information design and architecture
- UCD, ease of Use, usability engineering, accessibility
- Standards

Functional skills
- Enterprise content management
- Design, Organization and Change for Editorial Systems
- Content, Knowledge & collaboration systems and solutions
- Portals and Intranet over cross plattforms (WPS,
MySAP, MS, Oracle, Vignette, Interwoven, Filenet P8, Divine.)

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