Who I am

Good day, if you have made it to my user page I'd like to introduce myself. My name is John Morris, and I am glad to be here. I am a husband, and father of three kids. I work during the day as a Land Surveyor in southern California. And after hours and on the weekends I am a woodworker, specializing in custom furniture and more specifically chair building.

I served in the U.S. Army where I was stationed for the majority of my service in the country of Panama. I met my wonderful wife there, and we married in 1991. Our home has a mix of Central and North American culture, of which we have passed on to our children as well.

During my day job I help build roads and bridges by surveying topographic features in the land and by determining and directing the location of super structures, roads and buildings.

I also run an online woodworking community forum, where we support our military veterans in both the US and Canada. We fund-raise for veterans organizations and at times we'll help a disabled veteran in need acquire the tools and supplies they need to keep woodworking.

In my after hours job (woodworking) I build custom furnishings for customers and for gallery and shows.

Why I am here

Good day, thank you for visiting my user page. Currently we are using TikiWiki for our wiki and home page of our woodworking community.
We chose TikiWiki for this purpose.

Tiki Websites


https://h5p.org/ (H5P)
http://www.flaticon.com/ (open source icons)
https://www.sharethis.com (social icons)

Online presence

https://www.facebook.com/john.morris.1466 (family Facebook page)
https://www.facebook.com/thepatriotwoodworker/ (our community Facebook page)
http://thepatriotwoodworker.com/ (our community website)

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