Who is musus?

My name is Adam Shantz. I'm a senior music performance major in college/university at West_Virginia_Wesleyan_College, in West Virginia, USA. I live just outside Washington, DC, in Silver Spring, Maryland.

I also host the themes.tiki.org site. :-)

You can usually find me on IRC as musus. If I'm not on IRC, you can probably catch me via jabber as mususATjabberDOTorg.


Web Accessibility in Tikiwiki




This is a place for me to jot down ideas I have to help make Tikiwiki better.

* fix leftcol bug (done)
  • fix middle col bug where content hides under the right col, or displays on top of it
  • create a way for old wiki pages to automatically forward to the new page (db, maybe?)
  • make it possible to edit titles of pre-defined modules
  • replace duplicate images in wiki-editor quicklink area
  • double clicking on scrollbar loads edit wiki page
  • why placing the page tag inside np tags doesn't work
  • why placing a bullet right after an up carrot (shift-6 on a qwerty keyboard) isn't parsed as a bullet (see the first bullet in this box)
  • Wiki pages don't automatically link without the double parathesis if there isn't a second word detected (i.e. WAIroadmap)
  • Make admin interface more intuitive & better organized
    • Reorganize admin section & rename "Admin..." in the various menus to read something like "Manage..." to avoid confusion.
  • starting a wiki page with a number doesn't automatically create a link in a wiki page (see 508ThemeDev above)
  • when forcing wiki linkage by using double parenthesis, it breaks the link, automatically defaulting to "TikiWiki" (again, see links above)
  • implement a more intuitive means of creating a new wiki page

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