Currently, I do Java/JSP w/OracleSQL backend, in a small team of eager developers in a key department of a large corporation in The San Francisco Bay Area. We host our own portal within the larger intranet.

Now, I'm just beginning w/php, much less w/tiki. We have a project and I'm "ramping up" (or trying to).

By the way, if you are a simply fantastic, no-nonsense, guru-type php/MySql/ADOdb/TikiWiki god(dess), resident in greater SFBayArea, I may have some work for you to jumpstart our Tiki and point my education in the right direction. "They" want it online very soon, and I'm authorized to see what we can contract out for initial development. Let me know!

Other things about me ... hmmm ...
cry I'm very likely older than you are
smile but still sexy (info only: not on market!) if you like redfacefat guys
I hate the evil Bush Agenda
I love razz life
I think excessive smileys are stupid confused but I'm up to my eyeballs eek and can't experiment wikiSyntax in this short intro, at least not today. rolleyes
Perhaps tomorrow? arrowquestion

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