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In almost all the text area boxes that you can edit within Tikiwiki, you can use WikiSyntax to improve the formatting (appearance) of your text and to create links to other Wiki and external Web pages. Consisting of special characters that you enter to mark formatted text, WikiSyntax is designed to be easy to use. It enables you to add formatting to your pages without having to learn or use HTML. For example, you can show bold text by typing two underscores before and after a word or phrase, as in the following example: __example text__. The result looks like this: example text. (In this context, the word syntax in WikiSyntax means "rules for how to type characters in the correct order.")

You don't have to memorize WikiSyntax. In Wiki pages, click Wiki Quick Help, one of the tabs attached to the editing area, to see a quick reference guide. Alternatively, click one of the QuickLinks (at the top of the Wiki editing area) to enter an example of the formatting syntax. The example appears at the bottom of the page you're editing.

You can use WikiSyntax in articles, blogs, comments, forums, HTML pages, and — of course — Wiki pages.

For more detailed information, see the following:

TIP: Also see PluginList; several Wiki plugins provide advanced text formatting capabilities.

Quick Reference

The following is the same information you see when you click Wiki Quick Help while you're editing a Wiki page.

Text Formatting Rules:
Emphasis: '' for italics, __ for bold, ''__ for both
Lists: * for bullet lists, # for numbered lists, ;term:definition for definition lists
Wiki References: JoinCapitalizedWords or use ((page)) or ((page|desc)) for wiki references ))SomeName(( prevents referencing
External links: use square brackets for an external link: [URL] or [URL|link_description] or [URL|description|nocache] (that last form prevents the local Wiki from caching the page; please use that form for large pages!). For an external Wiki, use ExternalWikiName:PageName or ((External Wiki Name: Page Name))
Multi-page pages: use ..<!-- this tag is broken inside of "np"; I've fixed this in HEAD. -- rlpowell, 24 May 2004 -->.page... to separate pages.
Misc: "!", "!!", "!!!" make_headings, "----" makes a horizontal rule "===text===" underlines text
Title bar: "-=title=-" creates a title bar.
Wiki File Attachments: {file name=file.ext desc="description text" page="wiki page name" showdesc=1} Creates a link to the named file. If page is not given, the file must be attached to the current page. If desc is not given, the file name is used for the link text, unless showdesc is used, which makes the file description be used for the link text.
Images: "{img src=http://example.com/foo.jpg width=200 height=100 align=center link=http://www.yahoo.com desc=foo}" displays an image height width desc link and align are optional
Non cacheable images: "{img src=http://example.com/foo.jpg?nocache=1 width=200 height=100 align=center link=http://www.yahoo.com desc=foo}" displays an image height width desc link and align are optional
Drawings: {draw name=foo} creates an editable drawing named "foo".
Tables: "||row1-col1|row1-col2|row1-col3
row2-col1|row2-col2col3||" creates a table
RSS feeds: "{rss id=n max=m}" displays rss feed with id=n maximum=m items
Simple box: "^Box content^" Creates a box with the data
Dynamic content: "{content id=n}" Will be replaced by the actual value of the dynamic content block with id=n
Colored text: "~~#FFEE33:some text~~" Will display using the indicated HTML color
Center: "::some text::" Will display the text centered
Non parsed sections: "~np~ data ~/np~" Prevents wiki parsing of the enclosed data.
Preformated sections: "~pp~ data ~/pp~" Displays preformated text/code; no Wiki processing is done inside these sections (as with np), and the spacing is fixed (no word wrapping is done).
Square Brackets: Use [[foo] to show [foo] (in the latest CVS version only).
Block Preformatting: Indent text with any number of spaces to turn it into a monospaced block that still follows other Wiki formatting instructions. It will be indended with the same number of spaces that you used. Note that this mode does not preserve exact spacing and line breaks; use "~pp~ data ~/pp~" for that.
Dynamic variables: "%name%" Inserts an editable variable
Insert Module Output: {MODULE(module=>some_module)}text{MODULE} can be used to insert the output of module "some_module" into your Wiki page. See PluginModule for more information.
Rendering Program Code: {CODE()}some code{CODE} will render "some code" as program code. This plugin has other options; see PluginCode.
Direction: "{r2l}", "{l2r}", "{rm}", "{lm}" — Insert resp. right-to-left and left-to-right text direction DIV (up to end of text) and markers for langages as arabic or hebrew.
{toc} prints out a table of contents for the current structure. You can optionally pass the following parameters:

ParameterAccepted valuesEffectSince
orderasc, descIf set to desc, the table is printed in reverse order
showdesc0, 1If set to 1, the page description is used for the link and the page name for the tooltip1.9*
shownum0, 1If set to 1, a numbered list is used
typeplain, fancyIf set to fancy, TikiWiki attempts to build a sentence and (in most themes) uses the footprint bullet1.9

* In 1.8.0 and 1.8.1, If set to 1, the description is printed after the link
{maketoc} prints out a table of contents for the current page based on ! headings
{cookie} — Someone who understands these, please elaborate, and also update templates/tiki-edit_help.tpl — rlpowell

The most often used special characters can be given (case insensitive) as:

" -- "
" "

Futhermore any HTML numeric character entities can be input as "~nnn~" which give "&#nnn;" where 'nnn' is the numeric value of the character

In addition, here is a guide to the plug-in syntax, which is displayed when you click Show Plugins Help in the Wiki quick help screen. More information on plug-ins is available: PluginsList.

Note that plugin arguments can be closed in double quotes ("); this allows them to contain , or = or >.

AVATAR Displays the user Avatar
BOX Insert theme styled box on wiki page
CATEGORY Insert list of items for the current/given category into wiki page
CATORPHANS Display Tiki objects that have not been categorized
CATPATH Insert the full category path for each category that this wiki page belongs to
CENTER Centers the plugin content in the wiki page
CODE Displays a snippet of code. Set optional paramater ln to 1 if you need line numbering feature.
COPYRIGHT Insert copyright notices
DL No description available
EXAMPLE No description available
FANCYTABLE Displays the data using the TikiWiki? odd/even table style
GAUGE Displays a graphical GAUGE
MODULE Displays a module inlined in page
MONO Displays the data using a monospace font
SORT Sorts the plugin content in the wiki page
SPLIT No description available
SQL No description available
WIKIGRAPH Renders a graph


Check if all these are on the wiki pages and in tiki-edit_help.tpl:

  • Please note that where I say "Done" below I am not claiming to have written everything, but merely to have verified it. --rlpowell

-=titlebar=- -- Done.  --rlpowell
box: ^^ -- Done.  --rlpowell
~~color:text~~ -- Done.  --rlpowell
__bold__ -- Done.  --rlpowell
''italic'' -- Done.  --rlpowell
===underline=== -- Done.  --rlpowell
::center:: -- Done.  --rlpowell

~ pp ~    ~ / pp ~ -- Done.  --rlpowell
~ np ~    ~ / np ~ -- Done.  --rlpowell

[link|desc|nocache] -- Done.  --rlpowell

((Wiki)) -- Done.  --rlpowell
((Wiki|desc)) -- Done.  --rlpowell
))NoWiki(( -- Done.  --rlpowell

 -- Done. --rlpowell

 Plugin disabled
Plugin content cannot be executed.
-- Done. --rlpowell
 Plugin disabled
Plugin rcontent cannot be executed.
Table ||ta|ble|s|| -- Done. --rlpowell line --- ... page... -- Done. -- rlpowell I broke the page marker as gave problem within pp area - toggg List: *bla-- Done. -- rlpowell **bla-1 ++continue-bla-1 ***bla-2 ++continue-bla-1 *bla +continue-bla #bla ** tra-la-la +continue-bla #bla Headlines: !bla -- Done. -- rlpowell !-bla !+bla !! -- Done. -- rlpowell !!! -- Done. -- rlpowell
-- Done. -- rlpowell Definition lists ;blablabla:blablablab blablablabla blabalablablabalba ;blablabla:blablablab blablablabla blabalablablabalba oft-used characters (case insensitive) ~bs~ ~hs~ ~amp~ ~ldq~ ~rdq~ ~lsq~ ~rsq~ ~c~ ~--~ ~lt~ ~gt~ [[ ~[number 0-255]~ {maketoc} -- Done. -- rlpowell Bidi markers: {l2r} {r2l} {rm}
Key Function and sub-features

Related Links

Typical Uses

setting up an external wiki link will allow you to link directly to the wiki page with a wiki tag.

For example: thinking will link to Wikipedia to the thinking page.
dgd I'm having a blast with linking to wikipedia
dgd though this does not work [[wp:thinking|thought]]
dgd this doesn't work as expected either
dgd thought
dgd will produce thinking as the link and not thought
dgd this does't work either
dgd wp:thinking
see also ExternalWiki

For more information

http://doc.tiki.org/Wiki+Syntax has good pages about WikiSyntax.

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